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Southern Africa Youth Project Yoga for Stress Relief and Flexibility

Are you keen on learning a new skill or just want to update your existing skills?

Serve yourself a cup of coffee and join S.A.Y.P. for its next brand-new training event! This time, the focus will be on typing. From basic strokes to advanced techniques, the class will teach you everything you need to know about texting, emailing, and chatting online like a pro. Don’t miss out – book your seat today!

The youth of southern Africa are fast becoming a force to reckon with in the modern world. What started as a movement fighting for a fair and just society has now evolved into a force that is taking the world by storm in ways unexpected.

SAP is… well, SAP! The company that was founded in 1999 to provide an equal employment opportunity to all regardless of race, gender, or background is today recognized all over the world for its pioneering work on diversity and inclusion. This year, SAP celebrates its 20th anniversary as a leader in making diverse teams more successful. And why not? As per a global survey, companies that espouse inclusion as part of their corporate philosophy outperform those that do not.

Youth empowerment is vital for the development of any country. In that regard, there may be no more inspiring a project than Southern Africa Youth Project.

This young and persistent organization has been taking steps towards achieving its objectives over the years. Its events and activities have been attended by thousands of people across the region. From workshops to training events, they are all designed to empower youth and encourage them to take part in the development process.

The next SARYP event that you plan to attend is sure to provide an opportunity for you to grow as an individual while also lending a helping hand towards a better tomorrow!