**Southern Africa Youth Project Housing non-profit breaks ground on first new home in years

With a fresh face, SayPro Housing hopes to change the lives of young men and women in need of housing. On Saturday, the non-profit broke ground on its first new home in years – and it couldn’t be more fitting for its cause. With a focus on giving youth a chance at living a stable life, SayPro Housing is proud to break ground on the first new home of its kind since 2010.

SayPro Housing aims to correct this market failure by providing young adults with affordable housing that will give them stability in their lives. The project’s team has made impressive strides towards accomplishing this goal in recent months, with his groundbreaking partnership with EY recently announced as well as important land acquisition efforts underway.

SayPro Housing is a non-profit organization that aims to provide housing security for young people in South Africa. Over the last few years, they have opened and rehabilitated over 100 houses across the country, but this is their first new house in years. The nonprofit received funding from the government and was able to start construction on April 2nd. SayPro has plans to renovate another 150 houses over the next five years using that money.

A new home for a family in need–that’s what saying ‘yes’ to SayPro housing means.

SayPro is honored to be breaking ground on its first new home in years today, and we couldn’t be more excited! When these families move into their brand-new homes, they’ll have everything they need to make a comfortable life for themselves and their children. From appliances to furniture, Saypro has carefully chosen the items that will give these families the space they need while also keeping them stylish and modern. We can’t wait to see the smiles on their faces when they walk through those doors!

With a new housing initiative on the block, SayPro Housing is breaking ground on its first new house in years. The project aims to build safe and affordable housing for people without shelter, and it’s already activated more than $2 million in donations.

Young people, you’re important to us. We know that without you, there’s no youth project. So we’re stepping up our game and building new homes for you. This time, it’s SayPro Housing – a non-profit housing organisation with a focus on youth development. And today is just the beginning…



Description: Youth Nonprofit Housing Organisation Who Owns Each Project With Purpose

Output: These days it’s all about giving back to your community and making an impact on society in some way or another. When it comes to doing good deeds, Saypro is taking the initiative by developing affordable homes for young men who are looking for an opportunity to improve their life in South Africa. The brand was launched recently and has already proven its worth by breaking ground on its first project!

With purpose and drive, we see great things ahead for this amazing non-profit housing organisation. If you want to get involved with their future projects and stay updated on what they’re up to, then follow them on Facebook or Twitter!

**Southern Africa Youth Project Housing non-profit breaks ground on first new home in years

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