**Southern Africa Youth Project Community Organization Gathers to Plan Projects for Veterans

In the name of Salve, SayPro is back! The youth-led community organization is kicking off its second year and has a lot to look forward to. This time, the organizers are planning projects for veterans in our region. SayPro aims to empower young people by providing opportunities and education. Through their various programs, they aim to give them skills that can be used in their everyday lives.

SayPro has already been very successful in its first year, when it gathered more than 300 participants in Johannesburg and Cape Town. With an estimated 4 million veterans living in South Africa today, we think these groups can make a big difference by working together towards a brighter future for our local communities

Meeting veterans is not a new phenomenon. But SayPro, a community organization that aims to help veterans achieve their goals, is bringing about an encouraging change in the society. With over 200,000 members and counting, SayPro is making it possible for these veterans to get a sense of belonging and also giving them an opportunity to plan projects that can make their life more meaningful.

On October 14th 2018 at Hope Hall in Cape Town, hundreds of participants gathered to plan various projects aimed at improving the lives of veteran South Africans. The atmosphere was filled with enthusiasm as the participants discussed plans for improvement and formed alliances within their organizations. This was no small feat: It’s clear that when SayPro comes together, we can accomplish great things!

It’s time for a change! SayPro, a community organization that gathers veterans from different countries to make them feel at home and teach them something new has decided to make a difference in their lives by providing them with opportunities. We know that there are many things veteran’s can do, but not everything is easy or even possible. With SayPro, you can find the project that matches your desired skills and experience for maximum impact!

In the name of service, we volunteer and give our time generously. And then, when there is no coming back to duty, we marvel at how easily people switch gears from service to service. We feel for those who have been exposed to the trauma associated with war or have suffered any form of injury or disability that prevents them from getting employment or chasing their dreams. Meet SayPro Community Organization – a group of committed volunteers who believe in providing a helping hand to our veterans.

When they came together for the first time recently, they decided it’s time to take some action! The youth participants are brainstorming ideas on how best can SayPro support our heroes and make them feel like part of the organization too. So far, they have planned – out programs such as karate classes for veterans with disabilities and help desks where veterans can get government assistance cards etc.. There is really something going on in this world, isn’t it?

SayPro Community Organization is gathering to plan projects for veterans. Volunteers are joining SayPro because they want to give back to their community. Everyone deserves an opportunity, so we’re going to help every veteran who wants it! We have great plans for you; from getting you back on your feet, to helping you find a job, or finding a place where you can call home again.

Together, we can create a brighter future for all of our veterans and build something beautiful!

**Southern Africa Youth Project Community Organization Gathers to Plan Projects for Veterans

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