**Southern Africa Youth Project Applying performance management practices within non-profit sport organisations

We can all agree that working in a team is not easy. But, when athletes (or any other sportsperson) have to manage many stakeholders and contribute towards the growth of their organisation, it’s even more difficult. That’s where SayPro comes in!

SayPro is a performance management practice that ensures organisations achieve results by aligning their goals with those of the sport. Through this programme, athletes and coaches are given tools to improve their skills and know-how as well as how to work together for a common goal. And because this program teaches through its activities rather than lectures, SayPro has already helped many non-profit organisations become successful!

‘SayPro’ is an app that’s helping to revolutionise the way in which non-profit sport is run. By developing methods of performance management, it’s ensuring that every single participant receives their fair share of recognition and rewards.

Through SayPro, you can be sure that your volunteer workforce will perform at their best when they know they’re being rewarded for their hard work. Our intuitive software makes it easy for them to understand how they’re being measured and where they can improve next.

SayPro is a performance management and coaching software built for sports organisations. It allows you to track players’ progress, identify strengths and weaknesses and implement best practices. The app also comes with an in-app chat feature that allows coaches and team members to stay connected. SayPro has been used by more than 8,000 teams across South Africa, Botswana, Zambia and Zimbabwe since its launch in 2015. Why is it so popular? Because it helps sports teams reach their potential without burning out their staff or players!

The non-profit sector is growing at an unprecedented pace, and the world has taken notice. With all of us wanting a piece of this seemingly lucrative pie, non-profits have increasingly been forced to embrace performance management practices in order to gain access to funding. SayPro is one such organisation applying these practices within sport, and we want you to be part of it!

SayPro is a youth project that aims to change the way athletes are managed by their organisations by promoting best practices. SayPro provides athletes with tools and resources they need so they can achieve their full potential. We teach them how to manage themselves on and off the field, so they can perform at their peak level every time they take the field.

With SayPro, managers and team leaders can now apply performance management practices within non-profit sport organisations. The app enables them to track and monitor each player’s progress and achievements in an easily accessible manner. Users receive regular feedback reports on their strengths, weaknesses, areas for improvement, etc., which they can use to help guide their players towards greater success. It also has a section that tracks youth participations, so you can keep tabs on how your youth are doing at the club level as well!

**Southern Africa Youth Project Applying performance management practices within non-profit sport organisations

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