Southern Africa Youth Project provides SMMEs support programs for young aspiring Entrepreneurs.

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Southern Africa Youth Project provides SMMEs support programs for young aspiring Entrepreneurs.

Southern Africa Youth Project has assisted more than 30 Small, Medium and Micro Enterprises as well as NGOs within Southern Africa.

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More than seven out of 10 businesses close down within the first year of registering due to the lack of skills and lengthy process in registering and running a business. There are long processes within the business sector that make it hard for young aspiring Entrepreneurs to register and run their businesses successfully.

Despite new and existing projects that have been implemented by both government and private companies towards assisting new businesses to grow and contribute economy growth, there are still many businesses that are unable to successfully grow because of the approaches used to prepare them to run your businesses effectively.

The economy of South Africa is currently on a recession, due to lockdown and the loss of jobs as well as other challenges that came with the discovery of Covid-19. Unemployment has increased by more than 15% since the announcement of the state of emergency which led to the three months national lockdown, this was because companies providing non-essential services had to close and await the announcement by the president on whether they can resume business at Level 3 and under strict regulations.

According to business analysts, this is the best time for young aspiring entrepreneurs to start their own businesses because services are cheap and people are clearing stock to generate income and at least cover rent and salaries of employees. This is where Southern Africa Youth Project sported the opportunity to develop projects that respod to challenges faced by SMMEs nationwide.

Southern Africa Youth Project has introduced a Small, Medium and Micro Enterprises support division that provides a program to equip young aspiring entrepreneurs with skills to register and manage their businesses successfully while ensuring compliance

Our program provides a structured business model that helps businesses position themselves in a manner that they can generate income whilst meeting the client’s needs. We start by assisting them to register their businesses, getting all the legal documents needed to deem the business legal and ready to operate.

The second stage is where we focus on the brand name of the business to help them create visibility using developing a company website and setting up a social media platform to help them engage with both investors and potential clients.

The third stage is where we focus on the financial management of the business, where we help the business open a bank account in the name of the business. We also help them develop a financial policy to safeguard the business and ensure compliance in terms of their financial management this is inclusive of open them work on the structure of A comity and signatories of the company.

Southern Africa Youth Project also helps businesses develop marketing plans that will help them advertise their services or products to attract customers in a manner that helps make sales and generate revenue.

Small-medium Enterprises are assistants in compliance procedures in line with Labour Relations Act 66 of 1995 and Companies Act 71 of 2008. At this level, we make sure that businesses can submit monthly, quarterly, and annual TAX returns.

Southern Africa Youth Project’s SMME support response to the needs of specific companies as per their level of operation and experience. In providing the above-mentioned services, Southern Africa Youth Project enables companies to create employment and contribute to the GDP of South Africa thus growing the economy.

Southern Africa Youth Project continues to help young people create sustainable businesses to address employment.


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