Southern Africa Youth Group provides services to the Youth, Businesses and Non-Profit Organisations

Southern Africa Youth Group is the lead and the best institution when it comes to the provision of youth development services in Africa.

To partner or you need these services to send an email to or call + 27 11 071 1903

Online Digital Technology Skills
  • Web Design and Website Development 
  • Cyber security and Internet Safety 
  • E-Commerce and Online Marketing
  • Programming and Systems Support
  • Technical Support
  • Python, Ethical Hacking and Computer Design 
  • Microsoft Certified.
  • Security, Networking and PenTesting
  • Social Media Management
Volunteer Management Services
  • Airport pick up and drop off.
  • Accommodation Management Services.
  • Transport and Shuttle Services.
  • Volunteer Activities Management Services.
Human Rights and the Constitution
  • Human Rights Awareness and education
  • Policy Support and Advisory
  • Constitutional Awareness.
  • Democracy and Free Press Support.
  • Freedom Awareness.
Emergency Relief and Disaster Support
  • Support for Victims of Fire
  • Natural Disasters
  • Earthquakes.
  • Victims of floods and drought
  • Covid19
  • Other emergencies as well.

Health, Welfare And HIV/AIDS
  • Mental Health Support
  • HIV/AIDS Support and Training
  • Peer to Peer Support and Counselling
  • HIV Testing and Referral Services.
  • Sexual Education Programmes.
  • Health and Welfare Services.
  • HIV Awareness and Training
  • Sexual Negotiation 
  • Pre and Post Prophylaxis
  • Family Planning and Delayed Sexual Debut
  • Sexual Transmitted Infections
  • Gender Based Violence Awareness
  • Victim Empowerment Services
  • Women Empowerment Activities.
  • Victim Support Activities
  • Support for Boys and men.
Arts, Culture and Heritage
  • International Networking Opportunities.
  • European Erasmus Plus Programmes.
  • Cultural Exchanges.
  • Volunteer Management Services.
  • Tourist Support Services.
  • Festivals, Events and Cultural Activities.
  • Youth Afternoon Care Programmes.
  • Youth Leadership and Innovation Activities.

Youth Employment Programmes
  • Internship Hosting
  • Learnership Management
  • Entrepreneurial Training
  • Work Readiness Programmes
  • Life Skills Programmes
SME and Business Support Services
  • SME Training and Development
  • Tender Opportunities Publishing and Sharing.
  • Company Registration Services.
  • Company Tax Services.
  • Company Accounting Services.
  • Company Branding and Marketing Services.
  • Company Advisory Services.
  • Company Consulting Services.
Aquaponics Fish Farming
  • Fish Breeding
  • Fish Farming
  • Fish Farming Training
  • Products Supply to Fish Farmers
  • Fish Ponds Construction and Continued Support
  • Business Research
  • Non-Profit Organisation Research
  • Government Research
  • Student Assignment Research Services
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