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As part of SayPro’s work, it will work with donors and funders’ TB Program Strategy Teams and critical stakeholders and partners to identify the country’s TB challenges and the opportunities for addressing them. Plan and develop the strategy for the partners, donors, and funders’ work, including demonstrating innovative approaches, introducing and implementing new tools and techniques, and advocacy for government funding and scale-up.

The SayPro team works with grantees and governments on behalf of partners, donors, and funders and achieves financial success by negotiating, implementing, and managing business-critical contracts/grants. Monitor and evaluate the quality and progress of a portfolio of grants/contracts. Provide high-quality interactions with grantees to collaborate with them, oversee their grant projects as they are executed, and provide course corrections or suggestions as needed.

SayPro reviews letters of inquiry and grant proposals; provides clear, concise and insightful analyses and recommendations for funding, including drafting and editing proposal summaries and progress reports for existing grants and presenting information to the Partners, donors and funders leadership for review.

As the Partners, Donors and Funders TB strategy evolves, SayPro ensures that the partners’, donors’ and funders’ TB strategy is aligned with the broader Partners, Donors and Funders TB delivery strategy. Collaborate with the TB and HIV team members, funders, donors, and colleagues to ensure that TB and HIV programs synergize with each other. Technical, policy, advocacy, and funding components of both of these programs are included in this.

It is SayPro’s role to maintain and build strong relationships with the government on a domestic, provincial, and local level. The company is also responsible for maintaining a solid advocacy portfolio. Maintains clear and consistent communications with grantees and partners across the country to ensure high-quality interactions.

With SayPro, we oversee the development of the National Strategic Plan and TB Investment Plan and provide support to the TB Think Tank in issuing technical guidance to the National Department of Health (NDoH), which includes the evaluation and introduction of new tools and delivery approaches.

As a member of SayPro, you will be able to attend and give your input at several meetings on TB, arranged by academia, government, and civil society, taking into account the impact of COVID-19 on TB.

In collaboration with grantees and partners, SayPro Consult enables projects and learning to achieve maximum impact and maximize learning for both parties. There are several examples of these, including site visits, providing operational guidance, and arranging stakeholders’ meetings.

SayPro: Collaborating with the Deputy Director of Health in Africa, communicate the TB activities and strategies of partners, donors, and funders with government representatives, partners effectively, and grantees.

SayPro Serve as the main point of contact in Africa for the Partners, donors and funders’s TB and HIV Team on TB-related issues with key bilateral and multilateral organizations, including the US Government, UNAIDS, GIZ, and the World Bank as required to execute the country’s TB strategy.

Among other things, SayPro contributes to writing background documents, briefs, articles, and presentations, such as reviewing relevant literature, conducting landscape analyses, and analyzing data; organizing and preparing for high-level Partners, donors and funders leadership trips.

Management and oversight of internal processes and cross-Partners, donors and funders activities required for our TB strategy in Africa, including the design and development of new systems, collaborations and implementation plans to ensure sustainability and impact.

The SayPro team collaborate with the broader Africa Team and other Partners, donors and funders teams to support the development of multiple Partners, donors and funders country strategies for TB and other health-related issues across the continent.

Leadership and Culture at SayPro

We believe that the power of energized people working together, fuelled by exceptional leadership in an inclusive environment where they can thrive, will make extraordinary things possible.

SayPro Core Knowledge and Skills

A SayPro is a professional with excellent written and verbal communication skills and the ability to communicate with a vast and diverse audience.

In addition, the candidate was able to demonstrate the ability to work in a team-based environment and cross-unit collaboration environment. Demonstrated ability to adjust to the needs and challenges of a very matrixed organization when it comes to networking and coalition-building. Ability to influence without authority.

We have significant experience taking lead roles in achieving health goals in partnership with governments and donors, implementing agencies, non-governmental organizations, think tanks, academic institutions, and government organizations in developing countries.

SayPro is a valuable resource recognized both internally and externally by the international professional community in TB and global health.

In a complex, fast-paced, and matrixed environment, the ability to prioritize, focus and achieve results is crucial for success.

We have extensive knowledge and experience with the local and national health systems, including treating TB and HIV and primary health care.

SayPro can solve problems simultaneously at both a high strategic and detailed tactical level of implementation and an understanding of the limitations related to global health markets.

In addition to excellent communication in the written and oral forms, proficient facilitation skills, and a solid ability to synthesize information to reach a variety of audiences and build consensus.

Besides being self-directed, SayPro also demonstrates the ability to work successfully and comfortably across cultural, linguistic, and geographical barriers to keep businesses working while meeting politics-related demands.

In addition to committing to the Partners, donors and funders’s core values, mission, and programs, SayPro reaffirms its commitment to holding itself to the highest ethical standards and acts by the guiding principles of the Partners, donors and funders..

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