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SayPro Pilot and Implementation Study Support

SayPro Support to pilot/implementation studies, including but not limited to protocol and tools development, technical assistance, research support and data review.

SayPro Product and Supply Chain

SayPro Support product development and access team to collate information on ring quantity needs from implementation studies

SayPro Support the review of in-country orders/tenders with the distributor

SayPro End-user Market and Demand Considerations

SayPro Ad-hoc support for end-user market research and technical assistance support in-country ensure effective research utilization by in-country governments and implementers.

SayPro Manage the production and translation of materials, such as end-user guides.

SayPro Support for post-authorization studies includes protocol development and implementation activities (site and community engagement, product supply management, data management, reporting, etc.)

SayPro Healthcare Provider Education

SayPro Provides support for clients projects activities, which includes but is not limited to assistance with pilot testing, production, refinement, and translation of tools and technical assistance for training and information needs.

SayPro Advocacy and Stakeholder Engagement

SayPro Support African advocacy and community engagement efforts, including but not limited to support in managing the work plans and Monitoring and Evaluation of advocacy partners, civil society organizations, regional networks, managing AGYW outreach and identifying new partners.

SayPro Support for African communications in the form of consumer and health media engagement, development of advocacy and communication materials and resources to support key opinion leaders

SayPro Support for stakeholder engagement to support implementation, which includes but is not limited to potential implementing partner engagement to support technical assistance, community engagement and advocacy; and to support engagement with donors

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