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When someone takes the time to recount a positive experience, it takes volumes.

And so I would like to request a small favour a testimonial that will give others a sense of the experience and services that we offer at Southern Africa Youth Project.

Whether it’s a recommendation for life skills, computer training or work readiness, I have always felt that the testimonial is a powerful indicator of excellence.

I strive to provide such excellence with each and every transaction and I sincerely hope that describes your experience with Saypro.

It is valuable to my future beneficiaries and just as importantly allows me to continuously improve the level of services that we provide.

Feel free to either e-mail us or call my cell phone.
Alternatively, you can use the enclosed self addressed, Stamped envelope enclosed to share your thoughts on your experience with our organisation.

I sincerely appreciate your presence and look forward to serving you and meeting your needs for years to come.

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