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Among the key objectives of SayPro is to establish and maintain working relationships with district coordinators and other implementation personnel. The primary focus will be on the collection and reporting of data.

Accordingly, SayPro is responsible for updating and maintaining the Project Monitoring and Evaluation Plan, Monitoring and Evaluation Job Aids, and Data Management and Data Validation SOPs – Standard Operating Procedures, and ensuring compliance with them.

We develop and standardize data collection tools at all Project implementation levels based on the key, customized, as well as cross-cutting indicators related to Project overlap and cohort and factor in all required data elements, including but not limited to:

The SayPro team works closely with the data analyst officer to ensure that the data analytics and slides are created for effective communication and dissemination of results to all stakeholders, including clients, thus contributing to information used for program management, decision making, and data review meetings.

In addition to implementing referral protocols, SayPro also provides operationalization of b-bidirectional referrals and collection of referrals and linkages data.

SayPro prepares the project’s routine data reports accurately and in a timely fashion for the stakeholders.

The SayPro team systematizes data repository systems and ensures safe data backup (electronic data) on centralized project databases monthly and quarterly.

In addition to performing data validation processes, SayPro also collaborates closely with technical teams to identify problematic areas and provide recommendations for continuous improvement.

SayPro monitors and tracks progress against targets and baselines and ensure compliance with the reporting systems’ requirements depending on the format requested by the client.

The company prepares qualitative and quantitative reports according to the requirements.

SayPro ensures the timely reporting of all core, custom, and cross-cutting indicators every month through an online Google Sheet.

SayPro works closely with the data analyst to design and update Performance dashboards monthly and quarterly to measure partner-specific performance.

Providing monitoring and evaluation capacity building and training District level and implementing level staff in indicators, data collection tools, and reporting processes, SayPro includes monitoring and evaluation services.

The SayPro system provides age and gender disaggregation in line with donor reporting requirements.

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