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Management Accounting
Management Accounting

Coordinate the development of trading account budget. Pre-planning: Annually develop draft budget framework by gathering all inputs required. Inform the development of the framework / guidelines and compile a submission for approval.

Develop user friendly standard template for budget planning that is correctly formatted and clearly indicates the standard items.

Review the Provincial budget inputs, analyse and address exceptions identified then finalise the consolidated budget for review.

Planning: Consolidate the approved Medium-Term Expenditure Framework (MTEF) budget to the Treasury Template and compile the endorsement letter for the Director-General approval.

Adjusted Estimates of National Expenditure (AENE) preparation:

Compile Provincial proposed quarterly budget shifts / re?alignments.

Compile draft AENE budget informed by the final approved Provincial and National budget shifts / adjustment.

Gather information and compile draft Estimates of National Expenditure (ENE) Chapter.

Review the consolidated Chief Directorate: Pro-active Land Acquisition Strategy (PLAS) budget / Demand Management Plan’s (DMP) and submit for approval.

Review Basic Accounting System (BAS) reports journals / shift forms for misallocated expenditure.

Budget implementation: Ensure loading of approved ENE budget into A Complete and Comprehensive Program for Accounting Control (ACCPAC) system. Coordinate the submission of annual projections / drawings that are aligned to the approved ENE budget.

Coordinate the submission of revised projections that are aligned to approved AENE budget.

Monitor expenditure performance and reporting. Ensure that cash flow / drawings memo and payment submission is routed for review and sign off.

Ensure loading of approved AENE budget on Accpac system after obtaining the approved budget.

Ensure that weekly Agricultural Land Holding Account (ALHA): PLAS performance reports are send out to stakeholders.

Ensure in Year Monitoring (IYM) is reviewed and submitted to management.

Review grant report and submit for sign off. Review quarterly entity report submission, for final review and submission.

Review declaration of surplus funds submission. Retrieve and submit reports / documents requests by auditors.

Manage project registration and support.

Review the reconciliation of projects and asset register.

Oversee the updating of the comprehensive project database (Project and Job Costing).

Authorise project registration forms after capturing is completed, reviewed and sign off of monthly project reports.

Head and manage business unit in line with governance principles.

Develop performance agreement.

Review performance of staff in line with the regulations in order to comply with the performance management system and achievement of the entity’s objective.

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