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SayPro attends planning call with the project team and Mercy Corps’ Global and Regional Markets TSU focal point.

SayPro conducts and captures secondary and background research

SayPro prepares a research plan with a work plan, including a GESI plan with a section detailing how GESI has also been integrated into each step of the market system assessment

SayPro prepares kick-off workshop agenda and materials

SayPro develop MSA Report Outline and Template with input from the project team

SayPro conducts kick-off workshop with qualitative and quantitative data gathering training as well as MSD Lite training

SayPro plans field and assessment logistics with the project team

SayPro monitors and manages data collection processes

SayPro leads periodic data quality checks and direct refinement and adaptation of data gathering tools, questions, and methods as necessary

SayPro identifies and refine programme vision select and define target group, geographies, market systems and sector selection matrix, programme impact objectives with Theory of Change

SayPro profiles the target group, urban male and female youth

SayPro completes the market doughnut, market map value chain, and stakeholder list organised by market function and including market actor groups’ numbers and description of their power and influence

SayPro assesses and describes market systems performance opportunities, constraints, incentives, relationships at the function and market actor group levels for core and supporting functions and rules and norms

SayPro assesses resilience capacities as agreed upon with the project team

SayPro considers cross-cutting themes GESI, Decent Work, Environmental Impact and Conflict Sensitivity as agreed-upon with the project team

SayPro identifies central market systems constraints and conducts a root cause analysis

SayPro, together with the project team, prioritise the regulations based on criteria developed with the project team and justify the selection

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