Educators can encourage learner participation by providing support and assistance in a sensitive, caring and professional manner this in turn promotes independent learning.

Learner independence is a concept where learners are involved in their own learning process.  By being involved in this process, they start to make meaningful connections with the world outside the “classroom”.   Instead of relying on the tutors/lecturers/facilitators/ or educator to do the thinking for them, they take responsibility for thinking and learning themselves.   Learning then becomes more than the rote memorization of a series of facts and continues in the learner’s career progression process. Learners can only be independent where support and assistance is provided in a sensitive, caring and professional manner. No one participates where they feel they are “not welcome”; in these situations learners will flee, freeze or fight.

Independent learners are self-directed, self-motivated and capable of learning without a educator.  Good learners will move gradually from being dependent learners to independent learners with the help of peers, parents, educators and appropriate learning experiences.

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