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SayPro HIV Testing and Counselling Services was introduced in 2011 after many youths in and out of school died of HIV/AIDS.

SayPro HIV Testing and Counselling has played a significant role in more than 100 000 AGYW – Adolescent Girls and Young Women, ABYM – Adolescent Boys and Young Men and LGBTI – Lesbians, Gays, Transgender and Intersexuals.

SayPro is working with these focus groups collected enough data to determine the nature and challenges these groups face.

According to SayPro findings, all 190% are sexually active, and most do not use protection.

The study further informed SayPro that they have multiple partners. Having multiple sex partners increases their risks of contracting HIV and spreading it to their communities.

The youth are further engaged in social activities such as social media, social events and the consumption of substances such as drugs and alcohol. The spread of this virus becomes unbearable.

SayPro then launched the SayPro HIV Testing and Counselling Services to these focus groups.

SayPro HIV Testing services supports and is fully supported by the government department of health, national government and local clinics.

SayPro’s work does not compete with the government. However, SayPro acts as an implementing partner.

SayPro’s work is further reported into the international, national, provincial/state, district and local government statistical data.

Before young people receive counselling, they further do the testing. If they are then found to have contracted HIV, they are then referred to the local clinic for further medical support and attention.

SayPro would like to thank its current and past partners who have contributed to the successful implementation of the SayPro HIV Testing and Counselling Services.

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