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SayPro supports data analysis and preparation of regular reports relating to migration health programming, facilitating the unit to deliver quality reports and publications within the set deadlines.

SayProfacilitate the harmonisation of Migration Health Unit country data and reports with other information products (interactive tools, maps, web portal, social media presence, media outreach, );

SayPro closely coordinate with the country’s Displacement Tracking Matrix (DTM) to facilitate harmonisation of information products and synergies on reporting and programming where possible.

SayPro assists in developing, implementing, administering database structures end-user web interfaces

SayPro uses industry-standard design principles patterns to attain high reusability and maintainability.

SayPro participates in the design and revision of the patient registration process and associated reporting formats.

SayPro develops applications for real-time registration and monitoring of patients, recording patients’ profiles, including diagnosis, prescribed treatments and medicines and linking this information with stock lists, a reordering system, and overall supply chain management.

SayPro work to improve and automate data validation mechanisms to support operational and reporting systems.

SayPro contributes to developing application software and implementing proper backups, restore, data validation, and security procedures to ensure data integrity and availability.

SayPro utilises ArcGIS, InDesign, Excel, Power BI, or equivalent software to support the development of public reports and information products, including data analysis, maps and infographics, coherent report structure and appropriate contextualisation.

SayPro undertakes spatial analyses, cross-analysing migration and multisectoral geospatial data, and develop visualisations, dashboards and information products using GIS-related software and systems to meet specific, thematic needs.

SayPro integrates the country’s data protection principles and best practices on humanitarian data protection and ethical use of data across all data management, sharing and dissemination activities.

SayPro supervises information management assistants and supports technical oversight of information management clerks at the field level.

SayPro provides secondary support in programme implementation, administration and monitoring and evaluation, tracking progress and checking that targets and deadlines are met relative to information management.

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