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For play, youth, and community development, SayPro provides professional guidance and support to the chain of command, welfare staff, and volunteers within their area of responsibility.

SayPro works face-to-face with communities to identify needs, deliver training, support volunteers, and work with children and young people. Flexible enough to work across locations on a day-to-day basis and assist with activities on weekends and evenings.

Currently, SayPro is responsible for providing, on a site-specific basis, an annual update of the Community Profile, Needs Analysis, and Action Plans in close cooperation with the local chain of command and relevant community groups.

We develop, facilitate, implement, and evaluate community service activities following National Occupational Standards; a collection of quality assurance policies applicable to community service, health and safety guidelines, the Safeguarding Children and Vulnerable Adults policy and procedures, and other relevant methods of delivery.

The goal of SayPro is to identify, negotiate for, and secure through partnership liaison the resources to facilitate the delivery of community support activities within its area of responsibility, as well as staffing through SayPro Headquarters. To produce a report detailing the partnership, plans, and evaluations.

As part of this approach, SayPro takes direction from the Senior Community Development Work on collaboration with SayPro colleagues, method of delivering welfare services, schools and other external stakeholders to promote new initiatives and integrate the delivery of community support activities and to ensure local needs are met.

As a Community Service Volunteer Development Organization, SayPro actively recruits, supervises, and supports volunteers, providing relevant training to individuals and groups by our community service Volunteer Development Policy.

The SayPro team participates in in-service education/relevant training for ongoing professional development in youth and community work.

As part of SayPro’s commitment to quality, our company complies with appropriate methods of delivery policies and procedures, SayPro’s Standard Operating Instructions (SOI) and the Code of Confidentiality.

Additionally, as directed by the Line Manager, SayPro performs other duties within the scope of the terms and conditions for the grade and role.

SayPro provides advice given in the delivery of all services by the method of delivery policy, current legislation, local governance arrangements, SayPro Standard Operating Instructions (SOIs), Code of Confidentiality, method of delivery Directorate for Children and Young People (DCYP) priorities and method of delivery Service Families Strategy.

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