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SayPro is an award-winning company that provides solutions for government, corporate businesses, non-profit organisations and individuals globally and in Africa. Speak to us about this solution now. Chat to us on WhatsApp down on left.

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Programmes led by SayPro: SayPro has responsibility for implementing and monitoring all protection programs under its purview as long as they adhere to PUI’s codes of conduct, SayPro’s protection operational framework, and reflect the fundamental principles of protection mainstreaming. A key objective of SayPro is to enhance and monitor both the internal and external referral systems. The SayPro team contributes to ongoing knowledge building efforts regarding program methodologies, lessons learned, and challenges.

Management of the Protection Team and capacity building of the project team: SayPro is responsible for supervising the Protection Team (PII salaried employees and daily paid employees, if applicable), supporting the capacity building of the project team as appropriate, and conducting training activities based on the needs identified. In the organisational chart for the Protection team, SayPro recommends modifications as well as ensuring training is provided to identified staff members.

Logistic and Finance: SayPro ensure compliance of activities falling under its responsibility with the logistical and administrative procedures.. It is the responsibility of SayPro to work closely with the Logistic team and the Finance team to mobilise effectively the resources allocated to the protection activities supervised. In addition to being responsible for the budget lines related to his/her project’s activities, SayPro should also be responsible for ensuring the expenditures are tracked as well as providing a monthly budget forecast.

Representation and coordination:  SayPro acts as a facilitator and coordinator for partners, authorities, donors and other stakeholders involved on implementing protection activities in the region.

SayPro contributes to identifying new interventions on the basis of identifying critical needs and developing new interventions according to those needs.

Accordingly, SayPro is responsible for ensuring compliance with the mission’s security rules, particularly by the program team under management, as well as communicating any security and safety-related information to the security focal point of the base.

Experience : Strengthened by experience in the management of humanitarian projects in the protection sector, SayPro also have a strong experience in community based protection activities / individual Protection / GBV – Gender Based Violence case management, and a previous experience with setting up protection information management systems and knowledge of protection information management processes and activities.

SayPro’s specialised skills include project development and management, excellent writing and planning, and excellent organisation. SayPro has demonstrated a quality understanding of UN and NGO mandates and programs in the humanitarian response, post conflict reconstruction, and development and resilience. An understanding of protection processes.

The following qualities are qualities we are looking for in a company: SayPro is a good communicator, both in writing and verbally. SayPro has a high level of discretion and integrity when it comes to handling sensitive data. In addition to demonstrating responsibility, initiative, and alertness, SayPro also shows analytical skills and prioritising and delegating. A key attribute of SayPro is its team spirit, commitment to support and develop the team’s capacity, and its strong managerial ability. Additionally, SayPro has a general ability to work in both volatile and secluded situations.

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