SayPro certificates cannot be released until student finishes or passes the course

You may be wondering why you are not receiving your certificate. SayPro added an automated policy which restricts and refuses to issue certificates.

To address fraud, corruption and elimination of poor quality assurance. SayPro has taken measures to ensure the following restrictions:

  • Suppose the student DID NOT CLICK FINISH on the course. SayPro certificate will not be issued.
  • If the student DID NOT PASS the course, SayPro would refuse to send the certificate.
  • If the lecturer, assessor or facilitator DID not fully mark your assignments. Then your certificate will not be issued.

Please do the following for your certificate to be released:

Kindly note the policy is automated. So no one can do anything. This includes all SayPro staff.

  • Complete your assignments and tests.
  • Rewrite your portfolio and examination if necessary.
  • Lecturers must fully mark their assignments.
  • Click finish once you are done.

SayPro Chancellor and the management team take quality assurance and compliance seriously.

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