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SayPro provides Capacity Building for Schools through online and face to face courses.

Schools play a significant role in protecting, transforming nations and building the future. Schools are a foundation for development. All of us have passed there. It has been our passport to where we are at the moment.

Schools cannot be schools without the teachers and the administrative staff working tirelessly to oversee many children per day.

Whilst we are at work, Teachers are busy taking care of our children. The teacher may build or break our children. On one condition, if they get access to further training, refresher training and workshops to give them the energy they require.

Through SayPro Capacity Building for Schools. SayPro works with the National Department of Education, Private Schools Bodies, Provincial Departments of Education, District Department of Education, Local Department of Education, School Governing Bodies, Principals, Head of Departments, School Teachers and School Management Teams.

Providing Capacity Building for Schools offers:

  • Short Courses
  • School Principals Courses and Training
  • School Teachers Courses and Training
  • School Administrative Staff Courses and Training
  • School Governing Body Courses and Training
  • School Learner Prefects and Learner Representative Courses and Training
  • Workshops and Refresher Courses
  • School Districts Courses and Training

Email: Tel/WhatsApp: + 27 84 313 7407

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