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SayPro will recruit trainees to complete this course

The SayPro Train program established a training program for young farmers on related agricultural practices and their value chains

The SayPro Farming Education program trains young farmers to adopt new farming practices like aquaculture, aquaponics farming, etc.

As a result of SayPro Train’s work, farmers’ farms are now able to add value to their farm produce, which will result in a reduction of post-harvest losses and an improvement in their shelf-life.

As SayPro, we will engage in mobilization activities to ensure that our centre meets the targeted number of participants within the specific timeframes we have been given.

SayPro prepares a schedule of classroom timetables and training programs for trade.

In addition to an extensive theoretical and practical curriculum, SayPro provides hands-on training programs.

SayPro conducts internal evaluations for trainees (every week) during and after training.

We invite industry players to speak at SayPro’s educational events

SayPro arranges field visits for trainees as well as exposure visits (m/w)

SayPro Develop social media posts and case studies to increase the visibility of your projects

The SayPro project mobilizes best performers to give testimonies at different events throughout the project.

Assist trainees (m-f) with their interviews and offer support to them after their placements are completed

SayPro Network with trade specific industries available

SayPro is responsible for maintaining a record of learning as well as for keeping the database current

Keeping the MIS up to date is SayPro’s responsibility

Reports are provided by SayPro whenever and wherever required

Having SayPro participate in placement drives is an essential part of our business model

SayPro delivers learning through online tools such as learning management systems (LMSs)

SayPro conducts regular parent meetings

SayPro offers agricultural extension services to trained people to enable a sustainable farming system.

SayPro offers to mentor their trained people on the new farming practices like aquaculture and aquaponics farming.

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