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You should the same way you were hired. The world is becoming so small.

I checked my connections and I realised they are connected to someone I worked with.

The sad part is that this person resigned from my organisation without notice and left a mess.

This person went to work in a company which I owned by my wife. He immediately left without notice and did a complete mess in my organisation.

Upon her arrival at night, she told me about the new guy she has just hired and how good he is promising. I congratulated her for that. I then said what is the name of this guy. I would like to have the same person in the same calibre.

Only to realise that she mentioned the name of the person whom I did not know how to fire. I was completely in distress however due to the fear of the law. I thought I will change him.

She told me, I screamed and jumped with the word ‘who’

She was shocked. I asked she shown me a cv of my former worker who left my company in a dispute.

Luckily she knew the story I used to complain to her about.

This young man was cut off after three months as they announced retrenchment. Since he was the last in he was the first out.

The moral is that try to show good behaviour as one person is connected to many people. They can ruin your reputation and opportunities within a short space.

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