Reporting Policy

Southern Africa Youth Project implements a system for maintaining and updating detailed information on all Beneficiaries passing through the organisation. The system serves the needs of beneficiaries and be compatible with the reporting requirements of the relevant ETQA and therefore ultimately contribute to the maintenance of the SETA’s National Beneficiary Records Database.

The system includes the following information as a minimum:
a) Name of the Beneficiary.

  • Unique Beneficiary number or reference.
  • Contact details.
  • Demographics, i.e. age, gender, location.
  • Youth Skills Development and Empowerment background and experience, e.g. prior credits or qualifications, prior learning, and previous learning experiences.
  • Individual learning needs (if any), e.g. disabilities or learning difficulties
  • Additional learning needs (if any), e.g. further experience or new technology.
  • The motivation for entering a Programme or programmes.
  • Programme or Programmes for which the Beneficiary is registered.
  • Resource factors, e.g. place and date of learning and equipment and materials used.
  • Comprehensive assessment records.
  • Standards and qualifications achieved.
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