Network security is an on-going process that evolves as new threats and exploits are discovered. To stay ahead of new threats, we take preventative actions to keep you protected. We secure your network through the use of thoroughly tested procedures that prevent any attempt to breach and corrupt your business’s important data.

Unified Threat Management (UTM) ­firewall appliances provides comprehensive data security for organizations ranging from large corporations to smaller branch offices. We integrate a multitude of security features over a single Layer 8 Identity-based platform, making security highly efficient. And with added Extensible Security Architecture (ESA) and multi-core technology, we’re able to increase our ability to combat future security threats.

WiFi is a convenient way to access your network, but with this convenience comes a multitude of risks. If you don’t secure your network properly, people can access your business data almost as easily as you can. To prevent this from happening, we create a process that makes accessing data WiFi easy for you and hard for hackers. Network security, online security, and WiFi security are all part of our computer network support services found here.

Network support technicians utilize the latest tools and processes to create a support system that fits your company’s specific needs.

Response times are crucial to resolving IT issues quickly. Each team is dedicated to carrying out tasks as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Remote support team acts as your first point of contact. IT support to quickly respond to matters that need physical or onsite attention. Hardware support team handles any hardware repairs as well as all PC and laptop performance maintenance and cleanups.

Pro-active maintenance of our client’s IT infrastructure is the best way to avoid frustrating IT problems, unnecessary downtime and IT disasters. Application Technology services all the technical aspects of your business on a continual basis to maintain the best functionality of your equipment and overall IT environment.

Application Technology also provides a complete solution for the maintenance and upkeep of the overall performance of each server and workstation (PC, Laptop and Desktop) in your business, ensuring their proper functionality and seamless operation at all times.

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