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    Celebrate your Company birthday with our Youth

    Is your company growing, reaching to new heights. Celebrate your birthday with the youth of Southern Africa Youth Project. We have between 25 and 300  Youth who would love to celebrate it with you

    To find out more speak to us at or at 011 071 1903

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    Donate a Bakkie/ Truck / Vehicle

    Southern Africa Youth Project receives lots of donations from companies and individuals that requires collection. Often we are required to pay a fee from R1 500 per load which makes it difficult for us to continue collecting donations.

    Southern Africa Youth Project appeal to you to donate vehicles which will be used for movements and collections of items

    You can brand the …

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    Donate Desktop Computers

    Southern Africa Youth Project provides capacity building in Digital Skills to over 10 000 Youth in townships and rural areas of South Africa. Currently operating in Gauteng, Limpopo and launching in Mpumalanga. We, therefore, need computers to run our work effectively.

    We are inviting companies, government and individuals to help donate computers to use at these centers

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    Donate Laptops for the Digital Programming Class

    Southern Africa Youth Project invites corporates, individuals and government to support us with 10 Laptops for the digital laboratory in Diepsloot, Daveyton, Atok and Nhlazatye

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    Donate to our Soup Kitchen

    Support our Soup Kitchen by Preparing Lunch, donate bread, margarine, Juice, Mealie Meal, Rice, Samp, Soup, Meat, Cooking Oil

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    Donate your Boardroom/Meeting Room

    Donate a boardroom to be used by Southern Africa Youth Project board members together with its executive management to host important meetings. This could be with potential donors, board or strategic partners

    You may, in addition, support us with refreshments

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    Donate your Training/Workshop Room

    Annually and monthly has staff training and improvement sessions to ensure that the staff is capacitated, motivated. We appeal to partners to donate their training room 4X a year to be used for staff training

    You may in addition support with refreshments

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    Sponsor a girl child to your work place

    Southern Africa Youth Project invites companies to work with us to take our 160 girls into their work place as part of motivating and guiding these girls to remain in school

    To show your support call 011 071 1903 Email:

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    Sponsor our birthday event

    Southern Africa Youth Project celebrates its birthday on June 26. We invite companies, individuals and government to support this event by contributing to make the event happen. We are planning to invite the youth according to how you can support us

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    Sponsor our Engineering Program

    Southern Africa Youth Project has launched an engineering entrepreneurship program which aims at giving practical skills to the youth in townships and rural areas. We invite companies to sponsor this program

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    Sponsor our Point of Sale/Waiter

    Southern Africa Youth Project invites corporates/government and individuals to sponsor our Point of Sale/Waiter Training Room to provide practical skills to the youth who are embarking on starting businesses or getting employment in the Wholesale and Retail industry. To sponsor or support

    Call 011 071 1903 or email

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    Sponsor us with your Branded T shirts

    Southern Africa Youth Project would like to increase its brand awareness together with your brand. We invite you to support us by printing T shirts with your logo including ours

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    Volunteer 4 days per year

    Volunteer your time with children between 14 – 17 Years

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    Volunteer your time once a week

    Southern Africa Youth Project invites professionals and individuals from corporates to volunteer a day per week to work with the girls in entrepreneurship education. Part of what you can do with them

    • Organize activities with them
    • Provide motivational support
    • Provide educational Support to them
    • Provide group support service

    Arrange your friends to come and join in having different activities with the …