Preparing for the world of work

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If you are no stranger to our blog, you will know that we often talk about the impact of disruptive technologies and how we prepare for a world that may look little like the present. Our Convention in 2016 was focused on the World Economic Forums Fourth Industrial Revolution, and we heard from many speakers about what the future may hold.

Up to 60% of jobs that current students are chasing will be rendered obsolete by technology, claimed the report “New Work Order”, and that was two years ago already!

Organisations will need to fundamentally rethink how work actually happens, where it happens, and how relationships are negotiated.  But how are we really preparing for this in South Africa? And what are the implications for South Africa’s education and training systems?

If you would like answers to these questions, you should book for our up coming breakfast seminar: Preparing for the New World of Work. This event takes place tomorrow – 10th March in Johannesburg, from 08 00 – 10 00.

The objective of the session is to stimulate critical thinking and discussions around the implications of these changes on organisations, so that we can better prepare for 2020 and beyond. That seems like a long way off, but it’s not. The session also poses key questions that challenge the relevance of our national, sector and organisational skills strategies for preparing the workforce of the future. It will be delivered by Suzanne Hattingh, Managing Director; Learning for Performance Improvement. Suzanne is the author of many publications, implementation guidelines and learning materials on HRD, skills development, learnerships, the NQF, the learning organisation, impact evaluation, entrepreneurship, local economic development, organisational design, B-BBEE and Human Resource Management.

For more information and to book, please click here. Places are limited so don’t wait!

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