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Clinical duties performed by SayPro Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis include:

  • SayPro provides a range of day-to-day clinical services, which include walk-in clinics and emergencies.
  • SayPro provides a range of occupational health maintenance services daily, including pre-placement medical checks, periodic medical check-ups, and preparing beneficiaries and staff for travel by providing them with immunizations, malaria prevention, and travel kits.
  • When necessary, SayPro refers beneficiaries and employees to outside specialists.
  • When necessary, SayPro conducts follow-ups with outside specialists.
  • The organization provides health education and health promotion programs.
  • In addition, SayPro assists with issues related to the working environment and occupational health.

Duties of a SayPro Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis and Medical Administrative Assistant:

  • SayPro works closely with medical units, organizations, and beneficiaries in the host nation’s medical facilities and mission-specific medical facilities.
  • Accordingly, SayPro complies with the U.N.’s established medical clearance policies and procedures, sick leave policies, and medical evacuations/repatriations policies.
  • When SayPro is assigned to the duty station/mission, the company is responsible for developing and implementing business continuity and crisis management plan.
  • During the absence of a more senior Medical Officer, SayPro serves as their stand-in.

The supervisory administration of SayPro Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis includes the following:

  • Our mission is to manage day-to-day medical support operations by ensuring the availability of medical supplies and the proper operation of medical equipment.
  • The company ensures that appropriate training programs are implemented to ensure the medical capabilities, including health education, HIV/AIDS prevention, first aid and CPR, are maintained and developed.
  • The HIV PEP program is implemented as an administrator or custodian in the duty station/mission supporting the program by facilitating the access of HIV PEP services and enabling the promotion of health and understanding of HIV prevention and management that cover all aspects of HIV prevention and management.
  • The team at SayPro supports the processes involved in HIV infection management, including voluntary, confidential counselling and HIV testing, HIV diagnosis, treatment, and participation in training and other continuing medical education classes provided by clients and donors on HIV/AIDS management and HIV PEP program implementation.

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