PMTCT programme (If your partner is HIV positive )

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Step 1: Pregnancy

k On the same day that she is tested HIV positive she will be checked and started on the new ARV tablet, the FDC. FDC means Fixed Dose Combination, and is a combination of three antiretrovirals (ARVs) in one tablet

k The FDC will be started at any stage during pregnancy, and will be taken by all HIV

positive pregnant women – those with CD4 count below 350, and those with CD counts above 350

k The FDC is used for her own health, and also protects the baby against HIV. One

tablet will be taken at the same time every day

k If she cannot be started or continued on the FDC because of sicknesses or complications, she will be started on AZT if her CD4 count is above 350, or on  lifelong antiretroviral treatment (ART) if her CD4 count is below 350

k If she was started on antiretroviral treatment before her pregnancy, she will

continue with this treatment

Step 2: Labour and delivery

k If she has been taking AZT during her pregnancy, or she did not take any tablets during pregnancy to protect the baby against HIV, when she goes into labour, she will be given one tablet of Nevirapine and one tablet of Truvada

k If she is on ART, she will take her tablets during labour and delivery, and will not

get Nevirapine and Truvada

k If she has been taking the FDC, she will continue with this and will not get Nevirapine and Truvada

Step 3: After delivery

k If she has been taking the FDC, she will continue taking it after delivery and during breast feeding. If her CD4 count is below 350, or she has TB, or other HIV related illnesses, she will continue with the FDC for life. If her CD4 count is above 350, she will be checked at the clinic to see if she can stop the FDC

k If she was taking AZT, she must stop it after delivery. She must check her CD4 count

every six months

k If she was taking ART, she will continue with her tablets after delivery for life

Step 4: Baby

k     In all cases the baby will receive Nevirapine syrup at birth and then once a day for six weeks

k     If she is breast-feeding and not taking the FDC or ART, your baby will get Nevirapine

syrup once a day, every day, until one week after she stops breast feeding

k     If she is breast feeding and taking the FDC or ART, and started treatment before or during pregnancy, the baby will stop Nevirapine syrup at six weeks

k     If she started the FDC or ART after delivery, the baby will have to take the Nevirapine

syrup for more than six weeks – they will tell you at the clinic for how long

k     If you are using formula, the baby will stop Nevirapine syrup at six weeks

Step 5: Babies HIV Test

k     When the baby is six weeks old, you must bring him or her for immunisations and for a PCR test for HIV

k     It is very important that you ask for a PCR test at your local clinic so you know the

HIV status of your baby

k     At six weeks, your baby will be started on Cotrimoxazole (Bactrim). Bactrim will be stopped if your baby is HIV-negative and your partner is not breast-feeding

k      You must come to the clinic for the PCR test results in about one to two weeks. If

your baby is sick you should go the clinic sooner. If your baby is HIV-positive, treatment for HIV (ART) should be started as soon as possible

k     If your baby tested negative, retest six weeks after stopping breast feeding and

again at 18 months. Results must be collected from the clinic

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