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Paramahansa Yogananda’s “Samadhi”

Updated on June 12, 2019

Linda Sue Grimes


Paramahansa Yogananda’s poems assist to heighten the activeness of yoga speculation, prima apiece somebody cover to God-bliss in the Elysian World.

Paramahansa Yogananda

“The End Grinning” – Border 7, 1952, Los Angeles, CA | Rootage

Entry and Excerption from “Samadhi”

Paramahansa Yogananda has leftfield more one reading of his poem, “Samadhi.” The two versions nigh intimate to devotees may be launch in the Autobiography of a Yogi and Songs of the Soulfulness.

The interpretation in Songs of the Psyche features 76 lines, piece the interpretation in the autobiography contains 53 lines. The expectant guru recommended that devotees memorise the poem; hence, it is probably that he sawed-off it and simplified about of the imagination in ordering to ease the memorisation procedure. E.g., the get-go campaign of the yearner variation features the next lines:

Asleep, these fictitious shadows on the cover of dichotomy.

Waves of laugh, scyllas of irony, whirlpools of sombre,

Liquescent in the brobdingnagian sea of blissfulness.

Bestilled is the ramp of maya

By the conjuration pallid of hunch recondite.

The guru simplified the interpretation provided in Autobiography of a Yogi to the chase lines:

Perished these fictive shadows on the filmdom of dichotomy.

The ramp of maya stilled

By deception pallid of hunch trench.

This shrewd reduction includes the liquidation of an allusion to the mythologic quality, “Scylla,” which probably would bear to be researched by the fan in gild to see the allusion’s meaning. “Bestilled is the tempest of maya” becomes “The tempest of maya stilled.” He likewise leaves out unnecessary articles same “the.” And he has continued this reduction treat passim the shorter adaptation, devising it clearer and thence easier for the fan to con.

For this comment, I birth relied on the rendering launch in the Autobiography of a Yogi. Because the ultimate description and pregnant of the poem persist unmoved by the gravid guru’s adept reduction summons, the comment testament clasp straight for either variation that a lecturer power brush.

The undermentioned is an selection from the poem, “Samadhi”:


Thirdly Motility: JoyThe big guru ever reminds his devotees of the character played by the emotion of joy in the travel to and specially including the acquisition of this splendid end of samadhi. Therein poem he calls that joy, “smouldering joy.” That joy that had been just slenderly sensed in speculation now becomes virtually overpowering as it “screen[s]” the devotees “lachrymose eyes,” and as it “bursts into deity flames of blissfulness.” This joy that has suit blissfulness so gobbles up those “weeping,” too as the buff’s “underframe.” Everything most the buff melts into this hallowed blissfulness.The guru so announces the bang-up trueness: “Grand art I, I am M.” He so elucidates the gravid verity that therein province the “Apprehender,” the “Known,” and the outgrowth of “Lettered” all suit “One.” Therein unruffled country, shudder upon quiver is experient as one realizes his/her “everlastingly sustenance, e’er new repose.” The imaging can ne’er be able of expecting such blissfulness as acquired in the act of attaining this “charming” country of “samadhi blissfulness.”With encourage clarification, the gravid guru describes this country of organism as not an unconscious billet brought on by impairment of the nous as during hypnosis. Rather this country enhances and extends the region of the judgement. The head done its own broker moves away of its “deathly skeleton.” It is subject of extending itself to the “uttermost bound of infinity.” The person is alike an sea of cosmic cognizance that can note itself, the “picayune ego,” as it seems to be “vagrant in Me.”

Honey, hatred, wellness, disease, liveliness, demise:

Perished these pretended shadows on the blind of dichotomy.

The ramp of maya stilled

By deception scepter of hunch rich.

Salute, preceding, futurity, no for me,

But ever-present, all-flowing I, I, everyplace. . . .

( Delight annotation: The poem’s shorter reading (53 lines) may be institute in Paramahansa Yogananda’s Autobiography of a Yogi , and the thirster reading (76 lines) is featured in Songs of the Somebody (1983 and 2014 printings). Both books are promulgated by Self-fulfillment Family, Los Angeles, CA.


Paramahansa Yogananda’s poem, “Samadhi,” describes the land of knowingness, to which the expectant guru’s teachings tether those who adopt those teachings.

Offset Motility: The Caul of Maya

The gravid guru oftentimes compares metaphorically fallen world’s hallucination to eroding a caul. The pairs of opposites that support the reality intermeshed therein illusion are responsible suspension that a obliterate ended the eyes of every unselfrealized existence. Upon attaining the precious end of “samadhi,” or pairing with the Creator, that obscure is “upraised.”

With the lifting of that hide, sorrows fell and all the false images collected by the senses are tacit for what they are. Compared to limpid inclusion of genuine realness those sensational impressions all be a “dim . . . mirage.”

Subsequently the “surprise of maya” is quieted, all of the pairs of opposites, including “Dearest, hatred, wellness, disease, spirit, last,” slip comparable “untrue shadows.” The acquirement of this country of existence is brought on by the fundamental suspicion of the someone, which seems ilk roughly “deception” calibre when compared to forcible, textile story phenomena.

Arcsecond Drive: All Clip and All Things

Not alone are the purportedly concrete features of average living stilled, but the whimsey of metre and its divisions into “confront, yesteryear, succeeding” no thirster live for the initiate. Just the everlasting now, the “ever-present” exists. The ego-bound “I” so can feeling itself in every tinge of institution, “everyplace / Planets, stars, stardust, land.” From where introduction explode to all earthly things ilk “every steel of dope, myself, humans,” the new somebody inducted into samadhi experiences the like ubiquity and omnipotence that belong the Inspired Belovèd.

That blamed land reveals to the educated one all thoughts of all citizenry who suffer e’er existed. It is as if the new inducted lover has “swalllowed” then transformed everything in his/her itinerary into a “brobdingnagian sea of line of [his/her] own one Organism.”

Vanished the veils of ignitor and spook,Upraised every vapour of grief,Sailed outside all dawns of fugitive joy,Foregone the dim centripetal mirage.

Quarter Crusade: The Sea of Gleefulness

This enchanting description so imparts the data that the buff can listen the phone of atoms that look to rustling as earthly features such a mountains and seas transubstantiate into “blues of nebulae.” The damn voice of “om” behaves wish a picnic that blows clear the veils that let secret the realism of their centre to the fallen sightedness of world. The really electrons that settle the sea waters are detected by the samadhi beguiled psyche. Ultimately, the “cosmic swot” brings astir the thawing of the “grosser lights” as they vanish into “perpetual rays / Of all-pervading blissfulness.”

As devotees experiences all of these sights and sounds with their stellar senses, they pertain recognise finally that their beings are, in fact, cypher differently joy. They understand that they grow from joy and that they disappear into that consecrated joy again. The judgment alike a large sea absorbs all of “innovation’s waves.” The iv veils of “self-coloured, liquidity, vaporisation, and spark” are all upraised from the eyes of those experiencing this darned country.

The talker so reveals that the lilliputian ego, called “I,” now enters the “Big Myself.” All of those shadows that spoilt the living of the earthly indweller below illusion are foregone. They were simply the shadows of “deadly retentivity.” The blind of cognizance or “genial sky” of the buff is now “spick-and-span” on all sides. The lover is amply cognisant that s/he is joined with the interminable; s/he and Timelessness are thus forward “one joined ray.”

The net two lines of the poem likewise have a metaphor ofttimes employed by the gravid guru to comparison God and foundation: God is the sea and founding is the beckon. The waving corpse a portion of the sea, flush as it retains an mortal mannikin. It is the destination of the homo to get joined with its Creator as the undulation unites with the sea; thence in samadhi, the lover is a “midget belch of laugh,” who has “get the Sea of Hilarity Itself.”

Autobiography of a eddie birdie Yogi

With the poem, “Samadhi,” featured therein comment | Beginning

Sprightliness Adumbrate Paramahansa Yogananda

The big guru/poet Paramahansa Yogananda was natural on January 5, 1893, in Gorakhpur, India. His describe at nascence was Mukunda Lal Ghosh. Constantly a spiritually advance nestling, at age 17, he met his guru, Swami Sri Yukteswar, nether whose steering he flourished and became the spectral heavyweight and hallowed locomotive that leads souls rachis to their ageless habitation in the blazon of the Cleric Creator.

Paramahansa Yogananda came to the Joined States in 1920 to mouth in Boston at the External Intercourse of Spiritual Liberals . His words was so good standard that he apace collected a pursual. By 1925, his organisation, Self-fulfillment Companionship (SRF), was wellspring constituted with the use of disseminating and maintaining the honor of his teachings of yoga. He has hit be known as the “Father of Yoga in the Westward.”

The chase is an selection from the foundation to Paramahansa Yogananda’s life on the Self-realisation Society Website:

In the century eld since the parturition of Paramahansa Yogananda, this dearest humans instructor has resuscitate be accepted as one of the sterling emissaries to the Westward of India’s antediluvian soundness. His animation and teachings extend to be a beginning of lightness and intake to mass of all races, cultures and creeds.

Publications of Paramahansa Yogananda

Paramahansa Yogananda’s in-depth sour, Autobiography of a Yogi , has go a apparitional greco-roman global. Many devotees suffer been raddled to the teachings of this yogi done that autobiography, and many of their stories around how they came to uncovering that ferment admit about of the virtually inspiring “miracles” of mod American acculturation.

Such world-renowned figures as Dennis Weaverbird , Steve Jobs , George Harrison , and Elvis Presley were influenced by the Autobiography of a Yog i and the teachings of the expectant guru. Weaverbird evening became a lay pastor and rundle oft at many of the SRF temples in California.

In accession to the autobiography, the large guru has promulgated many collections of his negotiation, in both scripted and viva forms. His sound aggregator’s serial of ten of his cozy dialogue includes the chase titles:

1. Seeing the One altogether

2. Waken in the Cosmic Ambition

3. Be a Grinning Millionaire

4. The Enceinte Sparkle of God

5. To Shuffle Shangri-la on Ground

6. One Spirit Versus Rebirth

7. Removing All Grief and Woe

8. In the Gloriole of the Heart

9. Trace the Itinerary of Messiah, Krishna, and the Masters

10. Self-fulfillment: The Internal and the Outer Itinerary

These inspirational negotiation discover practically entropy some the enceinte guru that appeals to his devoted following. Good hearing to a God-realized vox offers an uplifting phantasmal see.

The Verse of Paramahansa Yogananda

For my commentaries on the poems of the heavy guru, I trust on his improbable compendium coroneted, Songs of the Individual, the adaptation promulgated in 1983 with its almost stream impression 2014. Two extra collections of his poems are extant, Whispers From Infinity and Metaphysical Meditations .

Because the “poems” of this big guru procedure on levels that average poems do not, they are much put-upon in devotional services held by groups of devotees of the SRF teachings passim the humans in the Readings Services besides as their Peculiar Commemorating Services.

Paramahansa Yogananda’s poems are more consanguineous to prayers than to the poesy of average poets, whose content much dramatizes solitary busyness emotion in its kinship with foundation and former man, alternatively of with the Creator; the big guru’s poems constantly appeal the Creator’s front whether instantly or indirectly.

Early Publications

The big guru’s organisation, SRF, likewise continues to release collections of his workings. Many of his negotiation let appeared in the serial of essays that admit Man’s Perpetual Pursuit , The Ecclesiastic Romanticism , and Travel to Self-realisation .

Disciplinary Translations

The guru has besides bestowed on the literary humankind ternary crucial translations of extant recurrent plant that deliver been grossly misunderstood in approximately cases for centuries. His new translations on with his explanatory commentaries are correcting that misapprehension.

In Wine-colored of the Orphic: The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam — A Phantasmal Version , he shows how that poet’s God-realized effusions befool expose a man smitten with his Creator and not the wine-colored sopped Sybaritic that has been misapplied to the sour.

In the guru’s in-depth version and commentaries on the antediluvian Bhagavad Gita, highborn God Dialogue With Arjuna: The Bhagavad Gita — A New Displacement and Comment, the gravid apparitional leader offers not sole the poetical displacement of the study but likewise the relevancy for mankind of the psychological and apparitional didactics offered in the antediluvian poem.

Nigh significantly for Westerly refinement, Paramahansa Yogananda has offered a wide account of the phenomenon known as the “Secondment Climax.” Highborn The Irregular Approaching of Messiah: The Resurrection of the Messiah Inside You — A indicative comment on the master teachings of Jesus , the ferment explains trueness significant of many of Jesus’ speech foresighted misunderstood and mischaracterized, such as “The Land of God is inside you” and “I and my Don are one.”

The Lessons

Of all the publications offered by SRF and the large guru, it is the Lessons that persist about critical. One could waive all of the over-the-counter books, sound tapes, poesy, and former commentaries if one possesses those lessons.

The Lessons get by offer forcible exercises that ready the strong-arm incasement to sit softly and calm patch acting the more forward-looking exercises that lede to Kriya Yoga rehearse.

The Lessons contains six stairs that can be accomplished in tercet eld, but apiece educatee is dislodge to progression at his/her own footstep. The Lessons admit statement in the pursual techniques: 1. Energization Exercises. 2. Hong-Sau Proficiency of Compactness, and 3. Aum Proficiency of Speculation.

Subsequently complemental the get-go two stairs, the fan may use for the Kriya Yoga proficiency.

Kriya Yoga Initiations

The Kriya Yoga proficiency features quatern initiations for a add of xx lessons. The Get-go Founding, featuring lessons K1-9, includes the proficiency of Kriya right, on which all of the early initiations are based. The Endorsement Creation contains four-spot lessons, K10-14, and the Tierce and Quartern admit the unexpended lessons K15-20.

All of the Lessons , including the Kriya Yoga Initiations, admit many explanations based of skill, besides as on the aliveness feel of Paramahansa Yogananda. These miraculous deeds are presented in such way to clench the student-devotees’ pastime with lilliputian stories, poems, affirmations, and prayers that raise the aim of apiece example.

Discharge Workings

In add-on to all of the workings mentioned supra, Paramahansa Yogananda has promulgated many others, including his Cosmic Chants, which offers melodious notations likewise as the words for apiece tone.

An annotated listing of the workings of the gravid guru is offered on the Self-realisation Companionship Site below the rubric, ” The Dispatch Deeds of Paramahansa Yogananda .”

Brainpower Function Speculation

© 2018 Linda Sue Grimes

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