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SayPro – SayPro provides an overview of SayPro partnership.

We work with individuals, non-profit organisations, businesses and government departments, international institutions.

Our partnership Overview:

  • Individual and Family Partnership: SayPro – SayPro works with individuals and families in the transformation and the development of communities. Suppose you want to make an impact or collaborate with SayPro on projects. Feel free to contact us.
  • Non-Profit Organisations: SayPro – SayPro works with non-governmental organisations, non-profit organisations, civil society organisations and community-based organisations in implementing and rolling out community development programmes and servicing over 1 Million youth per day on SayPro schedule.
  • Government Departments: SayPro – SayPro partners with the provincial government, national government, district government, regional government, local government, municipalities in the implementation and roll-out of development programmes.
  • Presidential Offices: SayPro – SayPro works in partnership with country presidential offices in addressing national priorities.
  • International Institutions: SayPro – SayPro works in partnership with international organisations in rolling out development and skills programmes for communities.
  • Churches and Religious Institutions: SayPro – SayPro works with national and international churches and religious organisations to develop their loves.
  • Businesses and Corporates: SayPro – SayPro works with local, national and international firms and corporates on programs, training and activities.

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