Taste of Cape Town: experience SA’s food heritage

“You have to taste a culture to understand it,” travel writer Deborah Cater once said. We couldn’t agree more. South Africa is a country with a rich cultural heritage and food plays a big role in all cultures. Home to many cultures, with lots of different cuisines and dishes, the one common element around South … Read more

CT Carnival hosts first Cultural Creative Workshop online

The Cape Town Carnival, the annual showcase that celebrates the diversity of Cape Town and South Africa, held the first of eight Cultural Creative Workshops on Zoom on 12 September 2020. More than sixty community group leaders, performers, artists and artisans from across the Northern and Western Cape took part. Designed to keep participants in … Read more

The Beauty Of Arts And Culture

Arts and Culture defines who we are, what is our identity if we do not understand our values and norms? There is a lot of beauty that comes within embracing culture. Culture simply highlights who we are, where we are from, clans and beliefs. Which also makes it so easy to be identified and understood … Read more

Online Exhibition

The Fight To Freedom: 1976 Soweto Uprisings This exhibition is an attempt to help remember South Africa’s shift from apartheid to democracy through the 1976 youth demonstrations across the country. In apartheid South Africa, separate educational system existed for black students and white students. Inevitably the students of 1976 took it upon themselves to fight-> … Read more

School Arts Programmes

The importance of School Arts Programmes Southern Africa Youth Project aims to contributing to the United Nations on Scientific Organisation (UNESCO’s goals to. Promoting the Digital Literacy, Digital Skills through reinforcement. To identify, audit the gaps in Digital Skills in the Creatives, Arts, Sectors. To develop training programmes which are going to be based online … Read more

We hosted 4 continents on youth employment and cultural exchanges

We hosted 4 continents on youth employment and cultural exchanges In partnership with the European Union Erasmus+ Southern Africa Youth Project hosted Lithuania, Peru and Vietnam in Johannesburg, South Africa. One of the key strength of Southern Africa Youth Project is to work in collaboration with like minded people and organisations which we share similar … Read more

Diepsloot Youth Dance Festival hosted for 20 group leaders

Southern Africa Youth Project hosted the Diepsloot Youth festival within a poverty-stricken township of Diepsloot because we felt that it would help lift the spirits of young people living within the area.  Some of the groups that entered the competition were are from the area, the competition provided a platform for them, young underprivileged people, … Read more

Diepsloot Youth Festival

Objective 1. To provide a stage for young people shows case their talents – Southern Africa Youth Project has realised that young people have talent, but they do not have are not given space to perform and show their talents and skills. Southern Africa Youth Project established the arts festival that will give the youth … Read more

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