Southern Africa Youth Project has realized the need to provide financial education for the Youth in rural areas and townships. Through the research conducted in the past five (5) years we have found out that majority of the Youth we place into jobs and opportunities ends up in unbearable debt.

This is due to they are not aware of what needs to be done or how to handle their finances.

Southern Africa Youth Project has realized the need for inclusive financial and debt management training for these youth to ensure that they handle their finances with proffessionalism and accountability

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Southern Africa Youth Project has job centers in communities where we are based.

Their role is to bridge the gap between employers and job seekers. Job seekers walk into our center to receive skills once they complete skills they are assisted to apply for jobs with employers. Our jobs center which are funders supported have managed to find employment for unemployed young women and youth in the townships and rural areas where we are based.

You too can support our Jobs Centers by partnering with us by contacting Nancy at or call her at + 27 (0) 11 071 1903

Victim Empowerment Services

Southern Africa Youth Project receives numerous cases on a daily basis where some of our beneficiaries have experienced abuse from their intimate partners. Through this we have noticed that their rights are being violated and that the organisation should also provide support through advocacy and psycho socially

Part of our service is:

  • Referral to partner organisation
  • Victim support through pyschosocial support
  • Girls and Women support groups
  • Boys to Men groups to encourage boys to be leaders
  • Providing basic needs of victims who walks into the centers

Partner with Southern Africa Youth Project to take our beneficiaries from being victims to leaders

Addressing Youth unemployment

Southern Africa Youth Project has adopted a model to place over 100 000 unemployed youth in rural areas and communities.

It is our vision to ensure that we have exist strategy that ensures that we place young people into jobs and opportunities

We have placed our beneficiaries at these companies

Southern Africa Youth Project through coalition partners has integrated its programmes through Refugee Integration through dignity, health and employability

Duration: 2014 – 2019

Southern Africa Youth Project implemented the girls development which had the following objectives

Outcome 1: Improved access to quality educational support programmes for girls and boys in and out of school

Outcome 2: Increased numbers of women and girls leading local initiatives for social change in schools and within communities:

Outcome 3: Decrease in the acceptance, and decrease in prevalence, of violence against women and girls in schools and the communities targeted

Outcome 4: Improved psychosocial well being and access to statutory and protective services among women and girls who are at risk and those who have experienced violence


Over 6 000 youth have been impacted through the program. We have addressed issues and kept 80% of the girls in schools

Southern Africa Youth Project provides unemployed youth amongst them it is 95% females with digital skills to ensure that Girls and young women are able to access the job markets with the Digital skills obtained from Southern Africa Youth Project

Beneficiaries go through

  • Aptitude Test
  • Personal Development
  • Use of Technology for personal advancement
  • Introduction into PC and new technology
  • Office Programs (Word, Spreadsheet, Email)
  • Presentation Skills
  • Job readiness

Those who go through our programs stands a 80% chance to finding employment with any sector.

We have proven the model to be effective. You can view our impact as per years on Digital Skills Development

We are living in the midst of digital revolution. More people are connected to the internet than ever before, using digital devices and services for work and for all aspects of their life. In part of this has been fueled by the rise of mobile broadband., which everyday ensure the participation of more people in developing countries in the digital economy. New technologies have also proliferated over the past decade – some even more recently – artificial intelligence, big data, block chain, cloud computing, internet of things, machine learning, mobile applications, nanotechnology and 3D printing among others. These will drive how we consume, produce and work. And, as with all transformation changes, they represent us with great opportunity – and significant challenges too

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Southern Africa Youth Project is involved in Educational Support for the Girl Child where we work with girls

Age: 12 – 19 Years in 20 Secondary/High Schools in South Africa


Homework Support, School Entrepreneurial Education, Afternoon Care, HIV/AIDS Awareness, Capacity Building for the Teachers, Teacher Support Service, Gender Based Violence, Human Rights Awareness, Human Trafficking

Impact to date

20 Schools impacted and 6 500 School learners reached

To partner on this program contact 

Digitisation is the core of the organisation as we have realised that in the next 10 years paper will no longer have space in the world. As everything is now online.

We have noticed that many young people needs skills in order for them to compete digitally and operate within the technology space. Southern Africa Youth Project

Southern Africa Youth Project has made impact to the youth who are employed in different sectors from wholesale, retail, information technology, small businesses and industries

has a range of accredited programs with

  1. Oracle Academy 
  2. MICT SETAWhere we train them on
  1. Where we train them on
  1. Technical Support
  2. Systems Development
  3. Java, Programming and Database
  4. Programming 
  5. End User Computing
  6. Business Analysis
  7. Technology Life Skills

HIV/AIDS Awareness, Management and Empowerment

Southern Africa Youth Project has created impact to the rural communities where we are based. We have created HiV/AIDS support for girls most of the things we have covered are

  1. Gender Empowerment on HIV/AIDS
  2. Girls Support to ensure that they stay away from sugar daddies
  3. Girls are supported with exist strategies to ensure that they can support themselves
  4. Human Trafficking and HIV/AIDS awareness to the girls
  5. Women empowerment to ensure that girls and women are self reliant and self dependant
  6. Women are given skills to ensure that they are self dependent
  7. Income generating and entrepreneurial development initiatives are conducted on a regular basis 

Southern Africa Youth Project provides skills and training to unemployed youth in townships and rural areas.

With the skills provided we offer work readiness, technology skills and employment ready courses to the unemployed youth

We have impacted over 3 000 Youth who have received skills and over 4 000 have found permanent employment through the skills received at Southern Africa Youth Project

You can make a difference by partnering to fund and support this initiative speak to us at or call us at + 27 (0) 11 071 1903

Southern Africa Youth Project is changing the narrative in which young people in rural areas and townships deal with socio economic challenges they face