Online learning is becoming a new norm in educational system

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SayPro is a non-profit organization that provides various training services to the community. They provide training in drugs and substance abuse. This training is provided because, during adolescence, a young person goes through biological and psychological changes. In addition to the physical changes that mark growing up, the teen’s brain is also developing ways to work more effectively. We empower more than 10 000 youth by providing Life and Work Readiness skills through ICT-based programs

Education may have several purposes, and online courses help to fulfill it. Some even say that online learning can revolutionize education as it provides new opportunities for traditional learning .Taking online classes has a lot advantages, everyone can access education no matter the location.

When people choose to pursue a study program in numerous cases they need to move to another city, away from their home, family and friends. Meanwhile, there are countries where gender issues prevent young woman from accessing education. In such cases, online learning helps to eliminate borders and barriers, both social and physical. Online learning allows SayPro to study whatever we want or anything that triggers SayPro curiosity.

The advantages of studying online is that Student has the chance to study for free, in their own time, own pace of study. It represents a great way to study many fields and to boost the level of self-motivation. An access to all resource helps participants learn wherever they are, leaving them the freedom to choose the time for study.

They change from passive to active learning. The responsibility and self-discipline of student is the must. Online education is able to provide learners with a flexible learning environment from any location as long as they have a good internet connection.

The advantage of online learning is that if you don’t have money to further your education and you don’t have money you can learn online. And you don’t have to carry lots of books with you and also you don’t have to go school in order for you to be educated, you can learn from your smart phone.

One more advantage is that there is a book uploaded on tablet for the learners to read via internet, so they can learn even at home during weekends when there is no school. The advantages of studying online are that learners with low motivation and bad study habits can easily fall behind.And student don’t experience bullying anymore due online learning

Students may feel isolated from classmates or instructors. Instructors may not always be available. Slow internet connection or older computer make accessing course difficult. Hand-on or Lab work is difficult to simulate in a virtual classroom. If you are from a disadvantage family an doesn’t have computer or smart phone ,you cannot get access to website, and the other thing is that even if you have a smart phone you need to have data to access the website.

As we know education is a very important source of life, you can’t do anything without education, so online learning helps everyone to get education. Remember back then we were not able to use computer or even cellphones for something like that but nowadays it’s very easy with online learning,

The other thing i like more about the online learning is that it attract children/people to be educated, because of the like of using mobile phone. Nowadays everyone is ego to learn using the mobile phone connecting to website. Back then it was difficult without online because if you were given the task at the school we were struggling to get answers but now with online learning it’s easy.

It’s easy to do assignment because you can go online a get all the information you need for the assignment. I think it’s good that there is the online learning because maybe it reduce the stress of not have job because we can study online to achieve some career and be able to find job. Thanks to SayPro they provide an online course that enables SayPro to study at home or where ever I am using my smart phone.

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