Network Management vs. Network Monitoring

To properly secure its infrastructure, an organization must implement either network management or network monitoring software. Network management and network monitoring are two terms that are frequently discussed but often used incorrectly. While the two can often go hand-in-hand, there are a few key technical differences between them. The ISO clarifies that network management must include FCAPS (fault management, configuration management, accounting management, performance management, and security management). The problem for SMBs is that many network management tools, like HP OpenView and IBM Tivoli, are vendor-specific—not to mention costly. When cost and flexibility are factors, companies should instead consider utilizing network monitoring software to identify security risks on their networks.

A high-quality monitoring software adds a more detailed view of performance to network management, and can be used in conjuncture with or in place of a network management software. What’s more, top-of-the-line network monitoring tools can be vendor agnostic, meaning they are able to find and monitor any device. For businesses that are looking for a cost-effective solution that’s still powerful enough to provide in-depth analytics, network monitoring software can be the best choice.

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