Neftaly Malatjie featured on Engineering News

the 2015 Growth, Innovation and Leadership Award will be presented to Neftaly Malatjie, founder of Southern Africa Youth Project, for his exceptional contribution and commitment to the community work.

The one-day congress is part of Frost & Sullivan’s exclusive Growth, Innovation and Leadership community that represents a global network of over 5,000 senior executives.  It will start at 9 am with a welcome speech by Senior Partner & Director Dorman Followwill. The day’s proceedings will be followed by the 2015 Frost & Sullivan Growth Excellence Awards Banquet that recognises best-in-class companies that are excelling within their industry. Frost & Sullivan’s Global GIL Community continues to be the industry’s only resource that supports CEOs and their management teams in critical decision-making, offering tools that help industry leaders in achieving the three essential objectives of Growth, Innovation and Leadership. GIL 2015: Africa will provide CEOs and their growth teams an opportunity not just to attend GIL, but to actually experience it.

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