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Detailed Curriculum Vitae of Neftaly Malatjie

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 Founder at SayPro Group (2011-Present)

 SayPro Group is a group of brands that sells and develops online products and services which individuals consume daily. These online services are demand-led, innovative, stand out from what is sold by the general companies. These are products that are accessed by all markets, from the poorest to the richest.

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  • Website Design: Part of my SayPro Group role was to design and develop online tools to elevate the organisation, not the next level. Website Design included elevating SayPro Group to be a leading global brand. In commissioning this, I have created the website, which combines all the brands under the SayPro Group. My role was to ensure that I work on the menus, Search Engine Optimisation, looking for relevant tabs which will be able to assist the organisation sell itself globally. Incorporating the multi-services which the institution offers. The website has been able to attract over 10 000 clients within a month of being designed. Also, I commissioned volunteers from multiple countries to ensure that the load content.
  • Application Development: I have taken the lead in the development of affordable apps for the brand. This included commission of the mobile app sites and android apps for mobile users to access only SayPro brands in one site.
  • Online Marketing: Having been in online marketing, Neftaly has also played a huge role in online marketing. He worked with Google My Business, Google Brand, Google AdWords, and other online marketing agencies to market the brand. He is also experienced in online marketing strategy. Online Marketing includes targeted marketing, online competitor analysis and reviewing what is trending.
  • Researcher: Neftaly is a lead researcher for SayPro Group. His role is to ensure that he studies trends, competition trends, innovation, work, and fall. Research has enabled him to position SayPro Group as a leading brand. Many organisations are currently failing to make means due to the new trends in the market, which affects many businesses to continue.
  • Social Media Management: Neftaly is very active on Social Media. If you go to Facebook, Linked In, YouTube, Google, Twitter, you will see Neftaly is constantly posting. He is a personal brand and uses the brands of the organisation to sell what is trending. Unlike other people, Neftaly is not shy. He posts regularly.
  • Website Editing: Neftaly is the lead copywriter and proof-editor. His role includes reviewing the content that is being posted, editing spelling and grammar. He spends most of his time studying what is being said by the brands. Since SayPro Group is a group of companies, it is essential that whatever we say is aligned to the new priorities and what is being published is relevant.
  • Article Writer:

Researcher at SayPro Business (2020 – Present)

 SayPro Business is a brand that provides grant and funding opportunities, donor and contact directories and opportunities which are to be accessed by individuals, government departments, non-profit organisations, and companies. We publish over 100 000 funding opportunities per month for all countries.

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 General Research: The world is becoming more complicated, confusing, and stressful for small to large businesses. Neftaly Malatjie spends most of his time researching what is trending and what could be used by small to large businesses to survive. In doing so, he is on the lookout together with his team to find out what could be implemented, created, and be done to ensure that businesses, governments, and organisations remain afloat. He spends most of his time checking what is trending in markets, industries, and sectors. Research enabled him to start SayPro Business, which supports businesses to remain afloat by bringing out solutions that they can apply to remain on top.

  • Targeted Marketing: Through SayPro Business, he ensures that he looks at what it is to work in the sector and created a membership site that enables individuals and companies to pay a fee annually to access opportunities. Since this is targeted marketing, he ensures that those clients get information relevant to their industry and sector by automating systems. Daily we publish over 100 000 opportunities and contacts of potential companies that could support and invest in organisations and businesses.
  • Funding Opportunity Posting: Neftaly publishes funding opportunities for non-profit organisations, businesses, venture capitals and governments. Sectors, industries, and countries also segregate these opportunities. Enabling fundraisers and marketers to be able to communicate with clients on an ongoing basis. He ensures that the opportunities are current and up to date. Working with clients who also give feedbacks and new requests, new industries, sectors, and categories are being introduced daily.
  • Tender Opportunities Posting: Corporate Businesses and small businesses require funding opportunities. Neftaly Malatjie shares and publishes over 10 000 tender opportunities for multiple countries in Africa. These also include sharing the documents for submission. Creating a one-stop shop for businesses to access opportunities in one place. Through the Membership Site, SayPro Business individuals can visit o and daily accessing tenders that are up to date and relevant.
  • Donor Directory Management: Donors are the most difficult to find, with people moving offices and resigning daily. Donor Management requires a one-stop shop where fundraisers and directors can find direct contacts. He established the Donor Directory Management section, enabling the company to share current and relevant donors for industries and sectors.
  • Contact Directory Management: Going into the internet searching for each industry can be daunting and stressful. Neftaly Malatjie created the contact directory management section at SayPro Business, which shares contact directors for Embassy, Foreign governments, government departments, non-profit organisations, national departments, presidents, individuals, schools, universities, funding agencies, etc. forth. The information is updated daily.

CEO at SayPro 2015 – Present

SayPro is a non-profit organisation registered in terms of the Non-Profit Act of 1997. SayPro is also a registered Public Benefit Organisation in South Africa.

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  • Fundraising: Fundraising is the means of survival for the SayPro. Therefore, my role was to ensure that SayPro sets its fundraising targets a year prior.
  • Strategic Planning: My role is to ensure that we set a 5 to 10 years strategy with an annual implementation plan to help SayPro work towards the financial year. I am responsible for ensuring that the organisation sticks to what it said it would achieve during and at the end of the year, after the design and review. The strategic plan will then be sent to the Lekgotla la ME Committee, responsible for review, implementation, and approval. Then once it has been signed, I will also develop tools, systems, and strategies to ensure that we align and ensure that we reach the set targets as set by the strategic plan.
  • Proposal Writing: Like fundraising, I am also involved in proposal writing from scratch in line with the donor proposal guidelines. I have created, drafted, and submitted multiple winning proposals for different donors in different sectors. I can also sort out which we need to submit and which we do not have to submit with my experience.
  • Program Design and Development: One of the biggest challenges for most small to the large organisation is programme design. I assist organisations in designing programmes that will be implemented in their organisations. This includes restructuring staff positions, creating tasks and activities to be implemented up to the end of the project year or financial year.
  • Monitoring and Evaluation: I can identify the gaps, challenges and how the project could be a failure for the organisation. This includes a review from one location to a multi-location site. I have developed tools to track, trace, review, verify, audit, and take final decisions for the non-profit organisation SayPro. In this case, we would also trace if the project we have proposed with be successful or will fail. We would also pull out or identify staff members who are not necessary or not delivering. My responsibility is to ensure that I sit in disciplinary meetings and review meetings to ensure that the discussions have fair and sufficient evidence.
  • Board Management: My role has been in board management. This included the identification, invitation, board training, board review and board members termination. My role was to set up systems including templates that the board will use to hosting their monthly, quarterly, y and annual meetings. Like monitoring was also to check the board efficiency, performance, and compliance with the SayPro constitution.
  • Policy: My favourite part is also to design, review and monitor the policy against the operation. I have been responsible for ensuring that we implement the policy aligned to the regulations and current operations, introducing new technology and employees working remotely from home. Policy Management and Development required me to ensure that the policy is aligned and accommodate both those who work from home and at the office.
  • Setup of Systems: Things are changing fast in the non-profit sector; therefore, it is my responsibility and requirement to create systems that will cut costs for the organisation and ensure that the organisation floats above other organisations. I have created some tools, including database systems, automated reporting, automated monitoring, and evaluation tools.

Job Placement Specialist at SayPro Jobs (2019 – Present)

SayPro Jobs responds to the needs for young people to access from a lower-ranked job to an executive position. Therefore, SayPro Jobs plays a major role in sharing over 1 000 000 jobs from across Africa and other regions.

I have created the tool because most young people’s request that there are too many websites that share and publish the same job opportunities. Therefore, they are finding it hard to visit too many websites at the same time. When I created Southern Africa, Youth Jobs was to find all the jobs in one location. Saving them time and data from visiting so many websites.

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School Owner at SayPro Home School (2019 – Present)

SayPro Home School is an innovative school that enables those who completed school a long time ago but are not happy with their results. Those who are frequently travelling and would like to go with their children everywhere. Those who do not want their children to go to a school with so many stressing and bully children. SayPro Home School offers South African Government Curriculum.

My role was to establish the system and the tool for home-schooling management for school learners. This included an innovative and online curriculum and teaching without the use of paper or going to school.

View about SayPro Home School at

 Facilitator, Instructor, Assessor and Moderator at SayPro 2017 – Present

  • PSIRA: Neftaly Malatjie has been responsible for ensuring that the organisation obtains its PSIRA Business Registration, PSIRA Training Center Accreditation, PSIRA Training Material Development, PSIRA Training Material Grammar and text review. Neftaly Malatjie also assisted the organisation as a freelance instructor for the PSIRA qualifications and courses.
  • MICT SETA: Neftaly Malatjie has been involved in setting up the accreditation with the Media, Communication and Technology SETA Accreditation. Neftaly Malatjie has been responsible for ensuring that the organisation renews its accreditation. Neftaly Malatjie has also enabled the organisation to ensure that it aligns itself with the new regulations set by the QCTO and ministerial determination. Neftaly has not been working alone. He was in liaison with the Principal of SayPro, assisting him with assessing and moderating reports.
  • ETDP SETA: Neftaly Malatjie took responsibility for ensuring that SayPro obtains its accreditation with the Education, Training, Development Practitioner Sector Education and Training Authority. My responsibility was to push for SayPro to obtain accreditation and certification in Early Childhood Development (ECD), Occupational Directed Education and Training Development Profession (ODETDP), Assessor, Moderator and Youth Development. Neftaly Malatjie has also taken responsibility for ensuring that the Neftaly Malatjie attend all the ETDP SETA verifications and site visits.
  • LGSETA: Neftaly Malatjie was responsible for developing qualification, linking, and structuring SayPro online content. Neftaly Malatjie has also represented the organisation to obtain its accreditation with the Local Government Sector Education and Training Authority.
  • PSETA: Neftaly Malatjie has been responsible for obtaining accreditation with the Public Sector Education and Training Authority. He has been liaising for all Public Finance Management Act training, certifications, collection, and reviewing certifications by the SETA. He has also been able to obtain grants from the SETA through PSETA discretionary and mandatory grants issued.
  • QCTO: Neftaly Malatjie has been responsible for ensuring that SayPro obtains its accreditation with the Quality Council on Trades and Occupation. His response was to ensure that he submits the letters of intent to the QCTO. He is also responsible for developing the training material, sourcing if the organisation can outsource. He also represented the organisations on all QCTO virtual and desktop site visits.
  • Services SETA
  • SASSETA: Neftaly Malatjie has been responsible for SASSETA qualification accreditation in general security, development and sourcing of training material, uploading of learners into SASSETA learner database, conducted an assessment of a portfolio of evidence on behalf of SayPro, conducted moderation, instructed on training, hosted the quality assurance team on their desktop and site verification, review of the training material, aligned the policies to speak to the newly structured systems, conducted planned or unplanned monitoring and evaluation and also sitting at council meetings.

 Facilitator, Instructor, Assessor and Moderator at SayPro 2015 – Present

Responsible for all:

  • SASSETA, ETDP, MICT, WRSETA qualification programmes.
  • My role is to liaise with all the funders focusing on sourcing learnerships.
  • Reporting
  • grant management
  • facilitation
  • content review.

Facilitator, Instructor, Assessor and Moderator at Diepsloot Youth Arts and Culture Project 2015 – Present

Responsible for the

  • ETDP,
  • MICT,
  • WRSETA qualification,
  • Workplace Skills Plans,
  • Annual Training Reports,
  • fundraising, facilitation,
  • assessments,
  • moderation

Facilitator, Instructor, Assessor and Moderator at Diepsloot Youth Project 2015 – Present

  • Assessed for all MICT,
  • Wholesale and Retail Programmes

 Facilitator, Instructor, Assessor and Moderator at Colleen Osorio (Student Assessor) 2020

  • Assessed on Unit Standard Assessor to Herbet Shungube, who is a student assessor.

Assessor and Moderator at Mould Empower and Serve 2017 – 2018

  • Responsible for the assessment and moderation of the portfolio of evidence of students.

Director at Diepsloot Youth Projects (2013 – 2014)

  • Reporting to the board, fundraising, financial management, communications, project management, development, monitoring, evaluation, administration, and donor relations

Treasurer at Rikona Nga lufuno April 2011 – 2012 (2 Years)


  • Budgeting: Rikona is an organisation with multiple donors. Therefore, my responsibility was to ensure that we develop annual budgeting linked to donor budgets.
  • Finance advice: As a board member responsible for Rikona Nga lufuno non-profit organisation’s finances, I provide financial management advice to ensure that they are relevant, aligned, and comply with the government regulation of the Public Finance Management Act.
  • Fundraising: I have enabled Rikona Nga lufuno to increase its funding revenue and get new funding sources that increased its budget.
  • Donor relations: Donors would mostly communicate with me on their requirements. Which my expertise and knowledge, it was easy for me to liaise with them on their requirements. I have also taken a responsibility to train and hold the management accountable for their donor relations.
  • Financial management: I have been responsible for the development and review of financial management policies. Setting guidelines and templates to be used by the management on their finances. Also created to use systems to ensure that we manage donor and the organisation grants efficiently.
  • Advisory: With my expertise in community development, I have provided advisory to the management of Rikona Nga Lufuno to ensure that they are aligned and follow the principles and rules set by the government.
  • Reporting on behalf of the board: I have provided monthly, quarterly, and annual narrative and summary financial reports. This included preparation of financial statements, auditing, and reporting on behalf of the donors.

Project Manager at Diepsloot Youth Projects Sept 2010 – 2012


  • Administration
  • Marketing
  • Donor relations
  • Fundraising
  • Public relations
  • Advertising
  • policymaking
  • advisory, general management of staff, budget allocation, stakeholder relations, staff development and liaisons, management of 6 coordinators, 6 administrators and 6 projects

Assistant Librarian at Ma Africa Tikuni Sep 2009 – Dec 2010 (1 year 4 months)


  • Book packing,
  • sorting, systems administration,
  • supervisory to assistant librarians,
  • coordination,
  • presentation to Afrika Tikkun visitors,
  • publicity,
  • partnership relations in events,
  • activities related to reading and the library,
  • Homework support

Projects Manager at Diepsloot Youth Arts & Culture Projects Jan 2009 – Sep 2010 (1 year 9 months)


  • Management of staff,
  • projects development
  • management

Artistic Director at Diepsloot Youth Arts and Culture Project 2009 – 2009


  • Scriptwriting,
  • stage setting
  • directing,
  • assistance to other projects,
  • event management and coordination,
  • budgeting, and
  • fundraising proposals

Community Development Worker at SANCA Alcohol and Drugs Centre Apr 2008 – Nov 2009 (1 year)


  • Educational puppets training,
  • planning and implementation of school outreach programs
  • debates
  • assistance to Pre School learners with training and workshops
  • psychosocial support to children under depression and talk about issues they experience at home through storytelling.

Part-Time Assistant IT Technician at PC Plaza Jul 2007 – Dec 2007 (6 months)


  • Operating system
  • Website design
  • installation of software’s such as Adobe
  • Windows XP
  • Microsoft Office
  • PDF viewers
  • drivers and software
  • repair of PCs that are damaged.
  • upgrading of old operating systems
  • program with newer ones

Drama Director at Diepsloot Youth Arts & Culture Projects March 2005 – Jun 2007 (2 years 4 months)


  • Directing of the scripts and ensuring children and youth are aligned to the performance requested.

Part-Time Personal Assistant at Nomsa’s Corner Printing Jul 2006 – Jul 2007 (1 year 1 month)


  • Assistance in all paperwork
  • Meetings
  • Diary
  • projects and ensuring that she is up to date and she meets client’s deadlines requested from her.

Library Administrator at Akani Diepsloot Foundation Feb 2004 – Sep 2006 (5 years 8 months)


  • Book packing: Neftaly has been responsible for the packing of books at the library.
  • Book Indexing and labelling: I have been responsible for ensuring that the books are inserted with tags, numbered, and have all the stickers inside to place files and record sheets.
  • Record Keeping: I have been responsible for ensuring that I conduct book recording for all the books taken out and those returned. Record-Keeping also included electronic record keeping. I have also ensured that the books are removed from the record sheet if they are nowhere to be found or old and cannot be used again.
  • System administration: Since I was the one who developed the book management system, I had a responsibility to ensure that I administer the database system to ensure that its functionality is current. The new indicators, as required by the management, is properly set up.
  • Cataloguing: All the books required cataloguing to ensure that they are set up accordingly. I ensured that we set the standard to be packed, packaged, and designed in cataloguing.
  • Events: To keep the library engaging
  • projects related to the library.

Computer Training at Akani Diepsloot Foundation Nov 2002 – Feb 2004 (2 years 1 month)


  • Training of Vulnerable children and youth in Microsoft Office program and operating system. The programmes included introducing computers, Microsoft office word, Microsoft office outlook, Microsoft internet explorer, Microsoft Office PowerPoint, and children gaming. Here we were working with children under the age of 16 years.

Early Childhood Teacher at Akani Diepsloot Foundation Jan 2000 – Nov 2002 (2 years 11 months)


  • In the beginning, Neftaly Malatjie was involved with children aged 5-6 years, also known as in Grade R, teaching them Mathematics, English, Literacy and Life Skills to prepare them for school. The role involved visiting the school daily, hosting various activities guided by the Specific Outcomes and Assessment Criteria booklets and manuals of Akani Diepsloot Foundation.


High School

Rabasotho Combined School     Grade 12 History, Geography, English, Sepedi, Business Economics and Biology 2007

Colleen Osorio                          National Certificate in Occupational Directed Education 2021


Mason Security Training Grade A Security Certificate
Shamariah Training Grade B Security Certificate 2021
Shamariah Training Grade C Security Certificate 2021
Shamariah Training Grade D Security Certificate 2021
Shamariah Training Grade E Security Certificate 2021
Colleen Osorio Assessor Course 2020
Erasmus Le Menach Foundation Refugee Integration through Dignity, Health and Employment 2018
Erasmus Intermediate Second Transnational Project Meeting 2018
ETDP SETA Facilitator 2018
ETDP SETA Facilitator 2018
SayPro Introduction into Computers 2018
SayPro Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2018
SayPro Project Management 2018
SayPro Business Administration 2018
SayPro Microsoft Office Outlook 2018
SayPro Microsoft Office Excel 2018
MICT SETA Computer Health and Safety 2016
MICT SETA Microsoft Excel 2016
MICT SETA Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2016
Gordon Institute of Business Science Catalyst Leadership Programme 2015
ETDP SETA Assessor and Moderator 2015
Dees Training Moderator Course 2014
QuickBooks QuickBooks Essentials 2014
Dees Training Conduct Outcome Moderation 2014
Accreditation and Training Solution Accreditation Help 2013
Pathways Sound Governance Principles 2013
Accreditation and Training Services Conduct outcome Based Assessment 2013
University of South Africa The Liberating Power of Reading 2012
University of South Africa Local Economic Development 2012
University of South Africa Essay Writing 2012
Siyafunda CTC Facilitation and Training 2012
SM Business Consultants Good Governance and Fundraising 2012
Diepsloot Youth Project Carpentry and Woodwork 2012
Meridian Research Solutions Human Resource Management 2011
University of South Africa Community Profiling 2011
University of South Africa Social Entrepreneurship 2011
University of South Africa Development Project Management 2011
Ke Moja Ke Moja Drugs Facilitation 2008
Hope Worldwide Basic HIV and AIDS Training 2008
Department of Education Mathematics and Science 2004
Akani Computer Training 2004
Akani Library Assistant 2004


  • 2010 Old Mutual Fetola Awards (Best in Sales) Winner
  • 2013 Fellow Anzisha Prize
  • 2013 Fellow Branson Centre of Entrepreneurship
  • 2012 Fellow Fetola Legends
  • 2015 Frost and Sullivan Awards Winner
  • 2015 Under35Maverick Awards Nominee
  • 2015 Royal Commonwealth of England Fellow
  • 2015 Africa Growth, Innovation and Leadership Award
  • 2018 The Superbalist 100
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