Monitoring and Evaluation Policy

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  • Evaluations

The facilitator has responsibility for evaluating the learning after each session and for implementing any changes that need to occur. The Chief Executive Officer or anyone below him or on his delegation at SayPro also administer a “Programme Evaluation Sheet” at the end of each module as well as the “Facilitator Evaluation Sheet” to review the beneficiary’s overall impression of the blades and the facilitator.


All evaluations summarise and recorded, and necessary changes implemented. The Evaluation Summary kept on record, and all actions require note. Review Actions signed off once complete.


Monitoring and review of Programmes and Qualifications and programmes

SayPro is committed to maintaining a high standard of programme delivery. The rule of programmes reviewed continuously. To conduct in the ABET programmes where Beneficiary results in an indication of the success of the learning intervention— because of external exams written. Any weaknesses in the plans identified and rectified.


Monitoring and review of the delivery

SayPro is very hands-on, with constant contact between management and clients. Site visits conducted regularly to encourage consistent and robust delivery.

 Staff and Facilitators complete monitoring documents monthly so that any backlog identified rectified.


Monitoring and review of Beneficiary attainment

Beneficiary achievements tracked monthly by the monthly report to clients—electronic and paper records of these results store for a period of three years.


If there is any need for remedial intervention indicate in these monthly reports, the action to take immediately. Staff and Facilitators carry out remediation to revisit concepts that have not understood.


From the analysis of monitoring and review reports and data collected in measuring and monitoring activities, high levels of nonconformity identified daily, weekly, and monthly—the most severe problems selected from troubleshooting and targeted for improvement.


Internal monitoring plan


Weekly plan: SayPro contacts Staff and Facilitators to monitor facilitator and Beneficiary attendance and to discuss any problems.


Monthly plan: Staff and Facilitators complete a report indicating whether lessons following lesson plans. If the facilitator is either way ahead of schedule or route behind, corrective action discussed with the facilitator. Monthly contact between The Chief Executive Officer and clients allows foe monitoring of Beneficiary progress and customer satisfaction with services.


Annual plan: Review of policies and procedures

Review plan for policies and procedures


Planning Review Cycle: To achieve the highest standards of training and programmes and development, SayPro believes that personal involvement and commitment at all levels is essential. We in a relationship, Strategic Partnerships and sees employees as internal customers that deliver quality products/service if well looked after.

When programmes developed, customer-specific knees, Programmes and Qualifications requirements and INTERNAL PROGRAMMES STANDARDS (IPS) levels considered. Programmes designed to outcomes-base and the preferred method of delivery is the workshop method where beneficiaries take responsibility for their learning with assistance and input from the facilitator.



  • Programme Assessment, review, and referral

Programme Assessment, review and referral take place on an interim and final basis. Interim Programme Assessment, evaluation and referral may formal or informal, depending on the nee. The final Programme Assessment, review, and reference always official, according to the Programme Assessment, review and referral guide of the skills and youth development programme or programmes. The final Programme Assessment, review and referral require a Portfolio of Evidence.


  • Certification

The procedure for certification shall include the following steps:

  1. The beneficiary submits final Portfolio of Evidence

  2. Quality assurance checks the Portfolio of Evidence against compliance checklist for completeness.

  3. Once compliance passé, the Portfolio of Evidence given to the assessor who assesses the Portfolio of Evidence.

  4. Once found competent by the assessor, the assessor instructs the certification officer to issue a certificate and log the person’s name on the certificate list.

  5. The certificate handed to the candidate


6.5 Current National Policies, Strategies, and Initiatives

The Chief Executive Officer check on the NATIONAL QUALIFICATION AND PROGRAMMES ASSURANCE website regularly to ensure that the Programme Development, Delivery and Evaluation reflect the National Policies, Strategies, and Initiatives.


6.6 Programme Development, Delivery and Evaluation flowchart.


Conduct a Knees Programme Assessment, review, and referral

Develop course outcomes as per Organisational requirements

Source relevant Short Programmes. + establish links with appropriate Programmes and Qualifications

Assess course objectives along with Specific Outcomes of short Programmes.

(Remember the US is the minimum require)

Ensure all organisational requirements considered and integrate

Design a Programme Assessment, review, and referral tool to ensure competence

Source + design course Contents, Facilitate guide

Incorporate formative assessments

Facilitation Methods and Processes

Pilot Contents

Evaluate all feedback and improve Contents, where require

Update the Content



  1. Documentation

The following documentation require for the implementation of procedure:

  • Programme Type and Short programmes for Assessor, Moderator and Facilitator

  • Programme Evaluation Sheet (Appendix A)

  • Facilitator Evaluation Sheet (Appendix B)


8. Records

The following records require to maintained by the implementation of procedure:

  • Programme Type and Short programmes for Assessor, Moderator and Facilitator

  • Evaluation Summary

  • Revision Record Sheet

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