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Neftaly Malatjie is our founder at Southern Africa Youth Project.

He has the vision to change the way the Youth think about themselves and their families.​

He believes that when you can empower communities first by letting them accept who they are.

Then they can start thinking of their childhood dreams, the strength and what they love.

Then they can see the world differently. His vision is so bold that the Youth notices that they lost their vision through the difficulties they have been in.

Through his vision, the organisation has grown to the level that we have more than 50 000 young people who were and are still part of the organisation.

Once they complete the programs Southern Africa Youth Project has to offer under our founder’s vision they only come back to give us feedback of their growth.

Neftaly Malatjie founded Southern Africa Youth Project in 2005 as Diepsloot Youth Project.

When founding Diepsloot its interest was to keep young people busy in the afternoons.

Neftaly Malatjie has taken the group Diepsloot Youth Arts and Culture Project, which was only based in Diepsloot.

He has outgrown it to become the regional organisation, which it is today.

Through his leadership, the organisation has managed to grow from 1 location in Diepsloot, Gauteng to a regional organisation operating in multiple provinces of South Africa.

Neftaly Malatjie has qualified with multiple institutions such as Southern Business School, UNISA, Accreditation and Training Services. Dees Training and Fetola.

He has worked with national and international organizations such as Maafrika Tikkun, South African National Council of Drugs and Alcohol Dependency and the Diepsloot holding senior and junior positions.

Neftaly Malatjie is currently a volunteering board member at orphanage homes, children and youth development organisation where he is sharing his skills and mentoring small non-profit organisation.

He has received over 20 awards as 2016 Inyathelo Philanthropy in Youth Development
1. 2016 Inyathelo Philanthropy in Youth Development – 2016 Inyathelo
ANN7 South African of the Year Finalist – 2016 ANN7
2016 100 Social Initiatives – 2016 The Superbalist
2016 The Healer – 2016 Young Independents
2016 Young Achiever – Jacob Zuma – 2016 The President: Jacob Zuma
SA Top Youth Entrepreneur – 2016 Drum Magazine
SAs Top Young Entrepreneurs to Watch – 2016 JobVine
Africa Growth Ination and Leadership Award – 2015 Frost & Sullivan
Finalist 2015 National Science Technology Fair Awards – 2015 NSFT Awards
Under35Maverick Awards – 2015 Under35Maverick Awards
2015 Queen of England Fellow – 2015 Royal Commonwealth Society
Fellow – Awethu Business Accelerator – 2015 Awethu Business Accelerator
Fellow – Anzisha Prize – 2015 Anzisha Prize
5 Young South Africans to watch for – 2014 SME South Africa
Remarkable 30 under 30 – 2014 Remarkable30
SA’s Top 10 young entrepreneurs to watch – 2014 TheSouthAfrican.com
SA’s Top 10 young entrepreneurs to watch – 2014 Ditshego Media
Top 12 Anzisha Prize Finalists – 2013 Anzisha Prize
12 young African entrepreneurs who will blow your mind – 2013 Venture Burn
Winner Shoprite Community Network – 2010 Shoprite

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