Mantoa gets a job at Pep Cell

Like many Montoa came to Project for a job application which was not successful due to her lack of experience, skills and with only 3 mounts work experience. This became a realization to that those are the reasons to why most of our are unable to secure jobs.

Mantoa was enrolled for training in Life skills, where she was taught on self-awareness, esteem, goals setting and building a personal brand. She then progressed to our technical training in Wholesale and Retail and at this point she had gained skills in customer service as well as cashier skills.

Before Mantoa could complete her training, she was called at Pep Cell for a job interview and fortunately for her, she had been prepared through our programs, Mantoa successfully passed the interview and got a job as a cashier.

During her interview with the Communications Officer of SayPro, Mantoa mentioned how being a part of Southern Youth Project has led to her gaining independence and finding means to create sustainability for family and herself.

Her message to the youth is that “they need not to depend on the government but try and start initiatives of change or visit NGOs like SayPro to assist in helping them become competitive in the working ”. If she could do it, then whats stopping you!

#Changing the way Mantoas think about themsleves.

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