The purpose of this first and important step is to have a management vision and policy regarding Quality that is clear to all employees. The objectives are to communicate to all workers what management’s position on quality is, and that a strategy of Zero Defects has been adopted for the company.

The actions necessary to demonstrate management’s commitment are:

  • To develop and communicate a quality policy
  • To develop a comprehensive Zero Defects strategy to provide determination, education, and implementation of quality improvement.
  • To establish the necessary organisation to carry out the QIP
  • To ensure that every manager and eventually every employee, understands and practices the Absolutes of Quality
  • To provide the resources needed to cause quality in every function of the organisation – (money)
  • To prepare a top management speech displaying commitment to a Zero Defects strategy and explaining the quality policy.
  • To put quality at the top of every management meeting’s agenda (together with production and cost)

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