Life in secondary education of Tanzania

The lives of most youth in Tanzania are filled with darkness soon after completion of primary or secondary school.

This is especially to youth living in extreme poverty families since this is the time they realize that they can no longer continue to pursue their education by joining different educational institution to continue with upper educational levels.

After primary school, youth need to either be selected to join the Government secondary school which is currently made free of charge although even those from poor family who are selected by the Government may fail to continue due to other factors such as school distance, school uniform costs, financial support for transport or meals during schools hours.

If a child not selected to join the Government school then they have to join a private secondary school which is far more expensive, most families leave their children at home soon after primary school or primary school.

Most youths start living on the streets with their peers and because poverty they try to engage in different activities to earn something to support their families.

The bad thing is, at their age, they don’t have the skills to understand which activities should be engaged with and results to a big number of youth joining dangerous activities like drug abuse, prostitution, robbery etc.

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