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The Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA) Secretariat is implementation the Regional Enterprise Competitiveness and Access to Markets Programme (RECAMP), funded under the 11 European Development Fund (EDF). The RECAMP aims at contributing to increased private sector participation in regional and global value chains. The Programme Overall objective is to contribute to the deepening of regional economic integration in the COMESA region through enhancing the competitiveness of the private sector with the Specific objective to increase private sector participation in sustainable regional and global value chains by increasing access to markets and improving business and investment climate.

The program will contribute to the attainment of the COMESA treaty provisions on private sector development.  COMESA treaty recognises the importance of women as a vital economic link within the chain of agriculture, industry and trade. The Member States have agreed to increase the awareness of Women in Business issues at the policy level as well as promoting the effective participation of women in the Common Market trade and developmental activities.

One of the result areas for the program is Competitiveness and market access of MSMEs and other firms in the targeted value chains/sectors are sustainably enhanced.  in this regard, the project will be providing technical assistance and advisory services for SMEs with the aim of improving business management performance and coordination among SMEs and other value chain players.  Specifically, the focus of the advisory services will be to overcome pre-identified barriers to internationalization and value-addition in the targeted value chains.

Targeted business consultations will ensure that entrepreneurs are better prepared to turn business ideas into successful new ventures that have a greater – than – average chance of success.  FEMCOM/COMFWB, working in collaboration with the COMESA division of Gender and Social Affairs is promoting women businesses in all sectors through the 50MAWSP platform which compliments the efforts under RECAMP.

FEMCOM/COMFWB  will be providing advisory services through training in  DR Congo, Tunisia, Sudan, Rwanda, Malawi, Eritrea, Madagascar, Zimbabwe, Eswatini, Ethiopia and Comoros to women entrepreneurs on optimizing sourcing, lean supply chain, production, logistics, packaging, export management, marketing and branding, e-commerce, support on product packaging, labelling and branding in Agri-business (Cassava, horticulture foods, honey, dairy, legumes, olive oil and many more), Textiles, ICT, Handicrafts and Technology (ICT and value addition equipment).

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