Human Rights

A leading Human Rights Organisation in Africa

Southern Africa Youth Project is a leading Human Rights Organisation in Africa. Working with over 5 Million youth in over 100 000 locations in Africa.

Our work is done in partnership with Non-Profit Organisations serving the youth in need in rural areas, cities and townships.

Human Rights Constitution of republic -constitution of southern africa youth project

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The Constitution of the Republic of South Africa

The Constitution of the Republic of South Africa, ACT 108 of 1996 lays the foundation for all legislation that governs labour relations in South Africa, and pertaining to the rights of employers and employees. Section 23 of the Constitution stipulates thus: “Everyone has the right to fair labour practices Everyone has the right to: To

Program in Human Rights Education

Southern Africa Youth Project manages the Human Rights Education to the Youth in and out of schools of South Africa. The program in Human Rights Education is implemented in partnership with businesses, local non-profit organisations and the government. The program addresses About Southern Africa Youth Project Southern Africa Youth Project provides marketing managers, owners, founders,

The Bill of Rights

Human rights are those basic and fundamental rights to which every person – for the simple reason of being human – is entitled. These rights are inalienable: a person has them forever and they cannot be taken away.  {Play}

Human Rights

The Human Rights Section in the Ministry of Justice was set up to coordinate human rights issues. The Section is responsible for state party reporting to United Nations treaty bodies and African Union human rights  system. The Section also coordinates human rights issues on behalf of the Ministry by working hand in hand with other Government Ministries,

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