Harvesting and preserving fish

Harvesting and preserving fish

Harvesting is the collection of fish from a pond, for selling at market or for cooking and preservation for family use. Harvesting can refer to collecting all the fish or to taking out only some of the fish (this happens often in tilapia ponds which have both young and adult fish).

Equipment list for draining and harvesting ponds:

•  Seine nets

•  Large dip nets

•  Small dip nets

•  Throw net, fishing rods, bait, hooks, etc.

•  Drums (several)

•  Buckets (several, small and large)

•  Tanks or porta-pools (2 or more), or

•  Large keep-net that can float in dam

•  Air blower or pipe with flowing water

•  Air line, airstones, air-line valves, gang-valve

for pipes

•  Crocodile-clips or cigarette-lighter battery connection

•  Nets to cover tanks (to stop fish jumping


•  Shade cloth

•  Bakkie with canopy

•  Rope or strapping to secure drums in bakkie

•  Some short lengths of piping (2 m x 20 mm


•  Long lengths of piping (40-50 mm diameter) for through-flow of fresh water.


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