Southern Africa Youth Project cannot do it without the support of its local, national, regional and international partners who are contributing towards the organisations growth and success 

  1. South African Police Service – Referral of victims to the organisation
  2. South African Depression and Anxiety Group – Support to the victims who have been abused by their partners
  3. Childline – Pyschosocial and Counselling of the Youth who are part of the Groups
  4. Food Bank South Africa – Provision of food parcels and meals to those who have experienced violence and unemployed
  5. Employment Agencies – Provision of recruitment of our Youth to their clients who wants to employ our Youth
  6. Employers – Recruits our Youth into their companies for learnerships, temporary jobs and permanent positions
  7. Higher Education Instituitions – Places our Youth into their institutions through bursaries and Vocational Trainings
  8. Sector Education and Training Authorities – Accreditation and Certification of Southern Africa Youth Project beneficiaries
  9. Local Non Profit Organisations – Provision of referrals and support to our beneficiaries on the services they provide
  10. National Non Profit Organisations – Provision of support and projects support to the organisation
  11. Government and international organisations provides finance, strategic support and capacity building to Southern Africa Youth Project to implement its work efficiently in rural areas and townships of Africa
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