In order for Southern Africa Youth Project to monitor its impact we use qualitative as well as quantitative data to ensure that the work that we do its measured and we deliver on proper results

This is done on transparent and accountable manner. The following indicators are used to conduct our monitoring of the work we do

The indicators below are conducted on a daily basis, quarterly (3X a year) and annually after the programs have been completed

  1. Dialogue and Conversations Feedback
  2. Attendance Registers for daily participations
  3. After Program Feedback
  4. Partners and Stakeholder Inputs, Suggestions and Feedback
  5. Number of Youth completing programs
  6. Number of Youth dropping out of our Programs
  7. Number of Youth enrolling into higher education
  8. Number of Youth accessing jobs and entrepreneurial or economic opportunities
  9. Number of Youth returning to give feedback to the organisation on the impact
  10. Number of Youth referred through word of mouth
  11. Number of Youth referred by our partner organisations such as the Police, Drugs Centers, Social Workers, Psychologists, Schools, Non Profit Organisations and other community structures

The following reports will be issued by the organisation on a quarterly (3X a year) and annually

  1. Youth Employment Report (Once a year)
  2. Youth Impact Report (Once a Year)
  3. Survey Report (Once a Year)
  4. Annual Report (Once a year)
  5. Partnership Report (Once a year)

Report documents will be uploaded on this website below for download by the public

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