General Managers Report 2019

Presenting the General Managers Report 2019

South Africa is a country of socio-economic extremes with a large percentage of the population living in poor conditions.

There is continuous growth unemployment, and poverty continues to be a significant social issue amongst families within rural and some urban areas of the country.

With an estimated 52.85 per cent youth unemployment in South Africa, this often led to frustration amongst young that are unable to find employment and create sustainability for themselves and their families.

Southern Arica Youth Project has since 2005 implemented skills development programs to help address social issues faced with the youth within South Africa and beyond its borders.

Southern Africa Youth Project’ journey of the financial year 2018/19 was great as we managed to implement activities such as advice, referral services, community awareness, school entrepreneurship, work readiness, computer skills and programming for the youth.

In total, we managed to reach 2 303 clients for the year.


Clifford Legodi
General Manager

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