General Managers Report 2019

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Presenting the General Managers Report 2019

Clifford Legodi – General Manager: SayPro

I will jump into the annual report and give you what it is that as SayPro has been able to achieve in the year 2019 – 2020.

The youth unemployment rate in South Africa averaged up to 52.84% from the year 2013 – 2019.

Reaching an up the high point of 58.20% in the third quarter of 2019. It means that by the third quarter of 2019. It means by the ninth month of 2019.

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It has reached the third quarter at least 48.80%. This means more than 6 out of 10 are unemployed. An average of 3 out of 10 loses their job every day. You can imagine with covid19 almost 6 out of 10 youth are unemployed. Then 3 out of 10 are losing their jobs. We saw Jet closed their offices because Covid19 affected them, and they could not continue to operate for SayPro young people, which means losing jobs when shops close. It means that youth will lose more jobs in the process.

Loss of job for one member of the family. It means that poverty for the whole family. This s a problem for SayPro as SayPro and many other organizations, including countries in Africa. Peace be with you. SayPro has collaborated with donor agencies, universities, corporates, non-profit organizations serving people.

Large corporations and businesses, business agencies and local communities to promote inclusive economic empowerment and access to vocational training, completion and transition into the jobs market. Working in partnership with different institutions ensured that we could train the people and lead them into as many jobs and opportunities that are existing out there as possible.

2019 Implementation did this through SayPro online-based digital ICT work and life readiness opportunities. Our journey for the financial year 2019 – 2020 as we managed to implement the activities such as. These are the activities that SayPro has implemented in the 2019 AR Community Awareness School Entrepreneurship Programme, Work Readiness Programme Opportunity Placement through the ICT and Work Readiness Programme.

This is what we have managed to implement in the 2019 financial year. We were so fortunate to secure enough funding from the SETA. Since the new appointment of the president, we have managed to implement learnerships. There have been funds allocated to SETAs for skills development.

The SETAs have managed to support an organisation such as the SayPro to use the funds to take young people who graduated from the universities to become interns at the SayPro if you are a young person a Diploma from the University.

Then you can apply for the opportunity and become an intern with the SayPro. We will be able to give you the work experience. Those were the additional funds we have received from the SETA. Whenever you start to think that the government is not doing enough. SayPro is a recipient and partner with government departments. They are doing so much in supporting Non-Governmental organisations in much as we appreciate different individuals. We appreciate people like yourselves who have contributed to the organisation.

We want to send SayPro deepest appreciation to the staff and beneficiaries for their tireless support in SayPro vision to change the young people. I would like to appreciate the team and the new beneficiaries to support SayPro. Even when Covid19 is here, you continue to support SayPro. You continue to come to SayPro to empower yourself.

Despite what is happening, you still wake up. This shows that you are committed to SayPro Project. We thank you for the continued support of the SayPro. Statistics: Permanent Staff Members: 12 Positions include General Manager, Human Resource, Marketing Officer, Financial Manager, The Cleaner, Brand Ambassador, Data Capturer, Advice Referral Officer, Information and Technology Officer.

For the past year of 2019 – 2020. Our financial year ends in March each year. We have managed to work with 2 541 young people in Diepsloot and other communities.

The number comprises 1 634 females and 907 males. In the last year of 2019 – 2020, we have managed to reach several 2 541 young people with SayPro community-based services, which we offer in communities. All the numbers I have read to you and the numbers. Were all achieved through the commitment from the people. My presentation shall end here.

South Africa is a country of socio-economic extremes with many populations living in poor conditions.

There is continuous growth, unemployment, and poverty continues to be a significant social issue amongst families within rural and some urban areas of the country.

With an estimated 52.85 per cent youth unemployment in South Africa, this often led to frustration amongst young that are unable to find employment and create sustainability for themselves and their families.

Southern Arica Youth Project has since 2005 implemented skills development programs to help address social issues faced with the youth within South Africa and beyond its borders.

SayPro’ journey of the financial year 2018/19 was great as we managed to implement activities such as advice, referral services, community awareness, school entrepreneurship, work readiness, computer skills and programming for the youth.

In total, we managed to reach 2 303 clients for the year.

Clifford Legodi
General Manager

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