Gender based violence in South Africa

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SayPro is a non-profit organization that provides various training services to the community. They provide training in drugs and substance abuse. This training is provided because, during adolescence, a young person goes through biological and psychological changes. In addition to the physical changes that mark growing up, the teen’s brain is also developing ways to work more effectively. We empower more than 10 000 youth by providing Life and Work Readiness skills through ICT based programs.

Gender-based violence is violence that violates humans rights using physical, emotional and mental violation.

South Africa is on a sinking ship because of gender-based violence and violation of humans right. The statistics are high in a shocking way. The question is, who is the mafia of gender-based violence and violation of human rights?

The answers are right straight in SayPro eyes and SayPro faces too. The people we look up to, the people we trust, SayPro role models, are ones that hurt SayPro the most because some we do not report them. We protect them, not knowing that they will do more harm that will tear SayPro hurts into pieces.

I always ask myself a lot of questions about when will women harvest justice. They are in a darker place seeking light from SayPro communities, leaders, judges, lawyers, police officers. What do we do as communities using helping them?

Their voices need to be heard loudly. In courts, cases are dropped, cases of gender-based violence files at police stations vanish into thin air because of corruption…..where is Ubuntu, sympathy, humanity?

As for men, head of the family, how do you feel when you raise your hands on an innocent body (God sculpture) of women? How do you feel when insulting your wife in front of your kids, family members, peers, and colleagues?

Do you take your time in thinking of human rights and their responsibilities? How do you feel after raping an innocent woman? How do you feel after killing innocent women? How do you feel after turning innocent women into sex worker? How do you feel after turning innocent women into a slave? Money is a dark evil without a genuine heart.

What men’s should know is that the world without women means the end of the planet, just like a person without God in himself or a ship without a rudder. Men should think deeper when eliminating the beautiful creatures of God.

Women are the beauty of the earth. The beautiful environment we have is because of them. The sweet soft air we breathe is because of them. The beauty within SayPro is because of them. They fought hard to be in this beautiful world and gave SayPro a chance to live on this earth.

Campaigns should be created to fight justice for women to make their voices heard loud and clear without backwards movement, corrupted leaders have to be eliminated quickly, and corruptions must end.

We are tired. Enough is enough. The rivers of tears and blood need to be stopped immediately. We are not doing it for SayPro only but for SayPro children’s future too, to live in a peaceful environment.

It pains me a lot to see a face of a woman with green, purple and black sports on their faces, hidden tears in their eyes. It pains me a lot to see a body of a human being dumped into a river, dustbins, old houses and many more.

Their future being taken away by man’s hands, the one who should protect us. Poverty in families growing higher and higher into shocking statistics, kids at school being forced to take drugs and alcohol, girls being forced to have unprotected sex.

Children forced to do illegal things due to being threatened by the perpetrators, this has to end, their main purpose for them to go to school is to eliminate poverty in their families, for them to have a bright future, so when someone takes these opportunities away from them, that person deserves to rot in jail for the rest of their life.

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