Human Rights

Providing knowledge and support in Human Rights for youth in Africa

Southern Africa Youth Project provides Human Rights Development and project management with over 500 non profit organizations serving over 5Million youth in Africa

Our work includes:

  • Human Rights Education
  • Human Rights Awareness
  • Human Rights Capacity Building
  • Human Rights Policy Support
  • Human Rights Training

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Factors related to gender inequality

Factors related to gender inequality As mentioned in the introduction to this workshop, gender inequity is globally recognised as one of the fundamental drivers of HIV and AIDS. Unequal power relationships between men and women result in men generally deciding the  conditions under which sex occurs. In such situations, women’s ability to negotiate safer sex

International demonstrators striking on the street, holding megaphone and placards
.Our Work

Program in Gender-Based Violence and Human Rights

Gender-Based Violence Gender-Based Violence Content About Us GENDER-based violence is taking human rights away Southern Africa Youth Project implements the Gender-Based Violence and Human Rights Program dedicated to enabling young women and the youth to better deal with social shocks that are associated with violence and crimes in their city, town, rural area or township.

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