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SayPro will give you opportunity to start Furniture Making Entrepreneurship business

Are you an entrepreneur who is passionate about designing and building innovative furniture pieces? Are you someone who is constantly thinking of how the present day furniture designs can be changed and made more ergonomic and space utilizing? But you’re worried about where to start. Then you should be relaxed and happy. Because, you are in the right place. SayPro will take through all the information you need to start and promote this business. We provide the pre-investment information and business plans required for promoters, business leaders, young entrepreneurs, women entrepreneurs, investors, startups, professionals looking to start their own venture. Don’t miss the chance to start your own business.

What is Furniture making Business?

The furniture making business involves manufacturing various or specific types of furniture for residential or commercial needs of consumers for the purpose of maintaining a décor and ensuring organisation in these spaces while giving them an appeal.

What services can you offer?

There are following services you can offer in your Furniture Making business:

  • Furniture repairing
  • Sofa repairing
  • Chair repairing
  • Door repairing
  • Carpentry maintenance
  • Carpentry work
  • Interior woodwork
  • Wood work service
  • Wood polishing
  • Furniture installation service
  • Wooden partition services
  • Steel Furniture fabrication service
  • Wooden door design

What are Raw materials required for Furniture Making?

The raw materials required to run this business are

  • Woods from the above variety
  • Fasteners
  • Metal, steels, alloys
  • Plastic and vinyl
  • Packing material

What tools are used in Furniture Making Business?

There are following tools and machines use in this business;

  • Power saws
  • Hand saws
  • Planes
  • Sanders
  • Files
  • Hammer
  • Mallet
  • Drill
  • Screw Gun
  • Tape Measure
  • Square
  • Sawhorses
  • Workbench

Don’t worry about getting quality tools and machinery at reasonable prices. SayPro is available to make it easy for you. We are partnered with trusted brands and registered companies. We will help you buy equipment at a very reasonable price, for starting Furniture Making business. Your satisfaction and success is the main goal of the SayPro, for which it embarked on its journey. So, don’t wait! Contact today us to get started.

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About SayPro:

SayPro is a development institution that provides development programs, project management, training and development, opportunities for work-seekers, support to non-profit organizations and service for business in South Africa.

This organization was established in 2005 with an aim to develop, empower, lead and support communities.

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