Fish Farming Breeding and juvenile rearing

small fish becoming trapped in the corners. This is essential and an often overlooked procedure; if a few fish become trapped in the corners

and die, they will rapidly decompose in warm weather and poison many of the others. The bags are then placed within a cardboard box, bucket or polystyrene box to prevent them being punctured. The polystyrene boxes will help insulate the fish from rapid temperature changes.


When transporting the boxes they should not be placed in the back of an open bakkie, exposed to the sun or cold, as the small volumes of water will rapidly either overheat or cool down, so a canopy is essential. On arrival at the destination the fish will be considerably stressed, and the bags should be carefully floated in the water

for 15 minutes to equalize the temperature differences. Once this is done the bags can be cut open and the fish released.

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